SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very volatile industry because of many changes that occur in the Google’s algorithm with a period of time. Today’s algorithms may not be the same tomorrow. This change is what encourages an SEO specialist to always stay on toes to keep up with the updates.

An SEO specialist should improve both the coding as well as the content to improve the visibility in the organic searches by the search engines.

Down in this space, we summarize those top SEO tips which an app developer must take into consideration to improve search ranking.

1) Half of your work is completed if you select an eye catchy name for your app

Your app’s name matters because it links both the anchor text in the website and the Android market. Link some popular websites to your application page. Most importantly feature your brand name in the URL of the download page for an added signal boost.

2) Focus on your keyword

Put the keyword in your page title, in your header, in the URL and not to forget in the post. Your page title should always contain the keyword, it doesn’t mean it has to be an exact name.
And also make sure you use your exact keyword phrase at least once in your subheaders.
Use keywords in your images too.

3) Internal links can rescue you

Inserting internal links can be helpful, though it is important that your best SEO content should be linked to other links in your website.
Yes, you guessed it right. Go back, edit your older posts and add internal links to the new content.

4) Provide shortcuts

Whenever you develop a new app, issue a dedicated QR code. These QR codes will help desktop viewers with easy access to your application.
Ensure all the links should be compressed before obtaining the QR code.

5) Never ever ignore your friends

Your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are the strong search engine ranking opportunities in their own way. Being an app developer is not easy. Decide what you want and position your digital benefits to send the same signals. Point the link equity of your social media profiles at your application pages.

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