It is quite surprising the fact that why some successful businessmen were actually average grade students. But an Indian typically thinks that he must score well in order to be successful in life. Well, this might not be correct all the time.

Take Dhirubhai Ambani for instance, the great business tycoon just passed matriculation, yet now The Reliance Groups of Industries which was started by him is more than successful venture.

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg as well as Steve Jobs, both never finished their college. Another young female investor and entrepreneur Elizabeth Anne Holmes dropped out of Standford University to pursue her dreams. She is now the Founder of Theranos, a privately held blood test company in California.

Another business magnate who gets added in this list is Richard Branson, he is a school dropout at the age of 15 as he suffered from dyslexia. Now, he is the Founder of The Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies.

Academic intelligence is not always a measure to quantify whether a person will be successful or not. As there is a famous quote which says: “You learn more from failure than from success.”

This is not to say that if you are an average student then you will be on top, this is to justify that doing well in school or college doesn’t guarantee your success. The real education starts when you leave your classroom and step out.

So, never stop learning, never give up after a failure and enjoy your ride till you reach your goal.

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