Setting up a startup company is not an easy job. For a startup to become successful, one must build an encouraging team. Building a hard working team starts with you. It is hard to find workplaces that exemplify teamwork. Workers are rarely raised in environments that focus teamwork and collaboration. To make teamwork happen, one should create a culture of teamwork. Here, we give some insights of how one can build a hardworking and an encouraging team.

1) Select the right members for your team

Having a hard working team starts with the selection of the right person. Apart from searching for the right skills in a person, search whether they have the right attitude and work ethic towards the job. The right people maintain the teamwork even when the things are going wrong.

2) Teamwork should be recognized and rewarded

Teamwork should be recognized and rewarded with compensations, bonuses, and rewards depending upon the individual’s contribution and collaboration. Create an employee of the month program. Make sure their hard work won’t go unnoticed.

3) Organize department meetings to review projects and progress

This must be done to get a broad input and to coordinate shared work processes. If your team members are not getting along, examine their individual work processes. Provide training in systematic methods, so that the team uses its energy on the project and not on figuring out how to work together as a team to approach it.

4) Introduce fun shared occasions into the organization’s agenda

Hold potluck lunches, take your team to some sporting events. Organize dinners near your local restaurants. Get your team to an amusement park. Sponsor sports meet and encourage your team members to participate. The only motive behind this is to get your teammates together and teach them the team goals.

5) Celebrate the success of your team publicly

Showcase your success publicly. Buy everyone the same T-shirt or hat. Type in your teammate’s names on it and gift them.

You are sure to get amazed at the progress of your teammates if you follow these simple hacks.

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