After getting a graduate or a diploma certificate in hand, the only question which haunts many of us is “What is next?” Whether to go for a corporate job or to start a new business of one’s own. To decide what is best is the most difficult part. Corporate job offers a quick recipe for success and on the other hand, Startups need to learn the whole recipe and the journey will be quite different.

Here, we present a list of reasons why one should prefer a Startup over a corporate job.

1) You will be your own boss

In a Startup environment, after holding a certain grip on the business, you will get to have a relationship with your boss, investors, and the other employees. Startups are basically like a family – you will see the good as well as the bad about them but at the end, you have got each other’s support. Taking initiatives when the team is in need is a journey towards being your own boss.

2) You will be more responsible

A Startup team at the beginning will be small, may be in single digits. So, there will be quite a few cases where not so many will be as skillful as you. If you really have an early hands-on training about the business, you probably are ending up with the most responsible job assigned to you. Henceforth you will be turning more responsible towards your job.

3) You can Explore new opportunities

Probably Startup’s won’t be paying fat numbered salaries like that of the big corporate companies. But, at the end of the day, it is the set of unique skills which you will be acquiring in the Startup companies. You may be worth more than a Startup may pay but it is the varied opportunities which can be experienced in the Startup companies.

4) You can work in your own awesome environment

A Startup company is a great close knit company. You will be definitely surrounded with people with innovative solutions to age old problems and creating tools which enhance the lives to the better.The entrepreneurial spirit is actually contagious and if you miss trying to catch it up your are actively avoiding it.

5) You can create your own company culture

Big successful companies establish their own company rules and have their own persona. The same happens with Startups. The Startup companies will have the liberty to create their own culture with their own assemblage of rules and regulations.

6) You can know the value of hard work and ownership

The main benefit of working at a Startup is you will get to know that hard work, creative thinking and tenacity are worth to be focussed upon. Once you start creating your own, a product of yours which can be used by all, then that will be the moment when you start feeling the personal ownership. Working in Startup team means you and your small team are solely responsible for your success. If you create a company of your own, then you will certainly be self-sustainable and thus gain the power to do anything.

7) You will find yourself in an executive role at a very young age

If your own a Startup and that company expands, then you can find yourself in an executive role at a very young age. Meanwhile, one should not forget that Startup companies often pay fewer salaries below the market range. You will surely get more responsibility at a Startup which will translate that into a very big experience.

Well, these are handful reasons to know why a Startup is more convincing than a corporate job.

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