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The Art Of Managing Clients

Smruthi Kishore



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Clients. You know the ones who call you in the middle of the night or the ones who just forget you exist? From making you jump like a jack rabbit everytime your phone rings to making you wonder where they are, clients quite literally run your world. There are so many times you want to pull your hair out and yell your lungs out because they are either always up your case or just do not seem to care about their product enough. If you’re feeling alone in this myriad of constant confusion, then do not worry. We have your back. Here are the different types of clients and how you can deal with them without really losing your cool.

1. The “I want this yesterday” ones 

Cannot start this list without these type of clients. You know, the ones who tell you about something today and expected it to be done yesterday? They work all day, everyday and expect you to as well. You would think they would stop working at 3 A.M. in the morning, but no. They will think of something they just want done then and will rush to call you without thinking of the time or anything.

While the effort they put into their work is commendable, it isn’t really a healthy lifestyle pattern for you. The solution here is painstakingly clear: set boundaries. Learn to say no. Switch your phone off and do NOT run to pick up every time you get a call in the middle of the night. Let the client know that during work hours, they may have your undivided attention, but your personal time is yours and yours alone!

2. The “I don’t know what I want, but this is not it” ones 

These are the ones who know they have a specific idea in mind, but can never EVER tell you exactly what it is they want. They say one thing on call, but have a completely different input on mail, creating constant confusion for you and your team while doing this back and forth! Just when you send them something you think they will approve, they do a 180 degree turn and reject everything. NOT a fun client to work with, right?

The best way to deal with clients like this is to have everything on email the first time around. Send minutes of every conversation and make sure you get the client to acknowledge the mail. In order to ensure a smooth sailing discussion and timely completion of the task, take executive control in your hands and reject major course changing ideas. This helps in letting the client know you are at the top of your game and know exactly how to deliver what is required. A little time consuming, but an extremely effective workflow process!

3. The “I don’t care. You know what you are doing” ones 

There is something to be said about clients like these. They give you the project and wash their hands off the entire approach. They just do not care about what you are doing, the kind of strategies you have and the kind of work being done. However, they will suddenly wake up and realise nothing is going according to their plan, thereby throwing you off course completely.

To avoid confusion from clients like this, make sure you have regular meetings. Ask for regular feedbacks on what you send to them and make sure you have everything on record. However, if they still do not listen to you and if the client is an important one, let your superiors know what is happening and take complete reins over the project. The effort you put is going to be long, but the end result is definitely worth the effort!

4. The “I don’t know what’s happening, the world is on fire” ones


This client thinks everything is an emergency for them. They think their house is on fire all the time and nothing you are doing is right. They are the kind who think their world will fall apart if you don’t do the work you are supposed to be doing and make your life difficult. If you are not at the top of your game, then nothing will go right.

To deal with these clients, make sure you keep them updated on what is going on and tell them what is happening with their project. This will help in letting them know their project is okay and you are there for them if they really do need you.

5. The “I am always going to doubt you, no matter what” ones

Sometimes, you deal with clients who work with you because they have no other choice. They fall under the skeptical radar and will always question you on what you are doing, till they think you have proven your worth to them! To make matters worse, they poke fires into things they have no business tampering with and make working with them nothing short of a painful experience. They think they can do the job better than you and will waste no time in telling you so.

Be straightforward with these clients. Tell them things point blank, without sugar coating the good news or the bad news. Think of the bigger picture, but also remember the process of achieving the end goal is important to these clients. Reply to questions they think are important and always keep them updated on what is going on with their project.

Repeat after me. You love your clients. They may drive you just a little over the edge, but they still give you new challenges on a regular basis. It is only when you have to deal with them on a regular basis is when you forget how much you cannot do without them in life. If you have other clients we missed out on that fall under the difficult bracket, comment and let us know!

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How To

Tips On How To Market Your Small Business

Smruthi Kishore



How To Market Your Small Business,Best Startup Ideas 2018,Best Startups in India 2018,startup stories,Startup Success Stories 2018,Small Business Marketing,Marketing Strategy Small Business,Small Business Strategy,Best Small Business Ideas,Small Business Ideas 2018,5 Types of Business Marketing Strategies,Tips for Small Business Marketing

Marketing is expensive and if you are a small business just entering the ring, there is no denying that basic fact. While you may have a marketing plan in place, the costs might just turn out to be too great to handle. Here are some great ways you can push yourself and still make a mark, no matter how strapped for cash you are.

1. Network

At a time when people rely on what the world is saying, networking is a really good tactic you can use to build the presence of your brand. While your network may trust the person you are, they may not trust your business in the initial stages. Let them know you are open and reach out to the large circle around you. Afterall, everyone always needs someone who can get things done and instead of them going to a random person, why not let them know you are available?

2. Create a space for yourself in the industry

More often than not, people forget to realise the importance of trust. As a new company, this factor is all the more important as it will help in propelling you to the front. Find the opportunities where your business can be of use and leverage the trust people have in you to build your company’s worth. Use your content to your advantage and make the most of your network to cement your place in the industry.

3. Work with other businesses

With digitization being what it is today, most of the ideas are no longer original. To avoid being pigeonholed into a certain corner, start collaborating with other businesses working with the same idea. Put together a group of non competitive, like minded people and make the most of these relationships with redirection and cross promotions. A major advantage of collaborating with people is, it helps in increasing your network and in letting people know you are a new force in the field!

4. Let your content talk about your business

With the world moving the social way, it is important to use the right words to make the right impact. When introducing your business to the world, using social media to the most is one of the best ways to achieve success. Through the use of catchy taglines and hard hitting messages, you can say a lot about your brand. Your content can reach a large audience and when you use the right words in the right way, your brand can be easily discovered.

5. Let the presence of your business be felt

Your business can’t reach people unless you start talking. Hold events, meetings, sessions and invite potentially interested people to learn more about who you are and what you are doing. Every business needs an audience and when you start spreading the word about yours, that is when the world will get ready to sit up and listen!

Establishing your business may be a dream come true. However, marketing the business may be harder than you think. If you feel there are other ways you can market your business, comment and let us know!


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How To

How To Build Trust With Clients

Smruthi Kishore



How To Build Trust With Clients,Client Relationship Building Skills,Build New Clients Trust Factor,Clients Trust Factor,Important of Clients Trust Factor,Build Client Relationships,How Clients Build Trust,How to Build Trust in Business,Client Relationships,Clients Trust,Best Startup Ideas 2018,Best Startups in India 2018,startup stories,Startup Success Stories 2018

For new businesses to grow and have their marks felt, the most important factor is trust. When you are working at a company, your reputation is everything and when that does not work the way you want, things can get messy. With your entire future at stake, building and establishing your trust factor is definitely the most important thing. Here’s how you can get people to not only take you seriously, but also believe in what you have to offer to the world.

1. Show your clients your human side

More often than not, one of the biggest mistakes a company makes is the way you approach your clients. Have a human touch to your messages and make sure people understand what you are saying.

2. Show your clients you trust them as well

One of the primary things to learn about trust is, it has to be earned. You need to let the other person know you trust them as well and that can only be done if you put everything about you as a company on the table. It is also important to know that your clients are not stupid. They know what they are doing and saying, so make sure you give them the benefit of doubt in these cases.

3. Stick to your commitments

The moment your clients realise you are a company which sticks to your word, trust is not far off. If you can’t keep to your commitment, then explain the situation and let your client know why something didn’t happen as planned. The more you give your client an insight into your ways of working, the more validation you get from the client. Always a good rule of thumb for building trust!

4. Display competence

When you show your clients you are in the business for the long run, one of the key ways to do that is by displaying competence. Know what you are talking about and when you don’t, understand the situation and get complete clarity on what is happening. Make sure you are completely honest about what you are saying because while people can understand lack of knowledge, a lie is harder to forgive.

5. Value feedback

While you may know what you are saying and doing as a company, it is important to understand the other person is only saying what they are because they have constructive feedback. The feedback may be obtained in the form of a quick survey or through pointers received from the client. Take what makes sense to your business and let your client know you appreciate what they have to say in a manner which does not come off as defensive.

6. Create an experience

Treat your clients in a way which lets them know they have your complete attention. Always remember the saying, “Marketers don’t make the brand, people do.” Make every interaction with your client memorable, in a manner that ensures longevity in memory!

While building your company in itself is a hard task, establishing trust is harder. If you think there other ways you can build trust between you and your clients, comment and let us know!

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Signs Which Show You Are Meant To Be An Entrepreneur

Smruthi Kishore



Have you ever had that itch, when you worked at the same place for a long time and realised you just are not meant to work for someone else? Have you ever had that feeling where you are never satisfied with what you do, no matter how interesting your job profile may be? Then you probably aren’t cut out to be a part of the corporate world. While most people don’t think they can branch out on their own and become an entrepreneur, if you have these signs, then this is the role for which you have been looking!

1. You like taking risks

Were you the first one to jump into things everyone was scared of doing when you were a kid? Were you always known for walking down the longer and scarier route instead of taking the easiest road out? Then these are all clear signs of you being a risk taker! One of the key features of being an entrepreneur is to be able to take calculated risks and if you were able to do this all your life, then the stars are clearly aligned in your favour.

2. You never felt like you belong

More than half the entrepreneurs in the world never felt like they fit in the normal ways of life. If you think the 9 to 5 schedule is not meant for you and you were never able to stick to a pattern, then the corporate life isn’t meant for you.

3. You want to keep learning

One of the major traits entrepreneurs have is a love for learning. Everything is new and everything is exciting. There is no dearth of knowledge in the world and when you think there’s a new subject, the learning is always better and more exciting.

4. You like walking on the path not known

The ability of being able to think outside the box is what sets entrepreneurs and businessmen apart from each other. While most entrepreneurs have the urge to move beyond the conventional path of what is already there, it is the entrepreneurs who work toward creating their own boxes. If you were never okay with being ordinary and common, then the entrepreneur life is for you.

5. Competition is your middle name

Have you ever had the urge to always be better than everyone around you? Were you never satisfied with standing second on the list? Then you are a truly competitive person and you like coming out first, always! Having a competitive streak is one of the most important traits possessed by an entrepreneur and if you fit under this category, you know what your end goal should be!

6. Your eyes are set on the bigger picture

If you were never bogged down by the inconsequential things in life, then you know you have your eyes set on the bigger things in life. You have a vision and your mission in place and when you work to make your dream come true, you know you have your eyes set on a future which is far from what meets the eyes.

When you are an entrepreneur, you don’t just wake up one day and realise you want to branch out on your own. There is always an urge and a push which makes you want to do something bigger in life. If you think we missed out on any other characteristics, comment and let us know!

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