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The Art Of Managing Clients

Smruthi Kishore



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Clients. You know the ones who call you in the middle of the night or the ones who just forget you exist? From making you jump like a jack rabbit everytime your phone rings to making you wonder where they are, clients quite literally run your world. There are so many times you want to pull your hair out and yell your lungs out because they are either always up your case or just do not seem to care about their product enough. If you’re feeling alone in this myriad of constant confusion, then do not worry. We have your back. Here are the different types of clients and how you can deal with them without really losing your cool.

1. The “I want this yesterday” ones 

Cannot start this list without these type of clients. You know, the ones who tell you about something today and expected it to be done yesterday? They work all day, everyday and expect you to as well. You would think they would stop working at 3 A.M. in the morning, but no. They will think of something they just want done then and will rush to call you without thinking of the time or anything.

While the effort they put into their work is commendable, it isn’t really a healthy lifestyle pattern for you. The solution here is painstakingly clear: set boundaries. Learn to say no. Switch your phone off and do NOT run to pick up every time you get a call in the middle of the night. Let the client know that during work hours, they may have your undivided attention, but your personal time is yours and yours alone!

2. The “I don’t know what I want, but this is not it” ones 

These are the ones who know they have a specific idea in mind, but can never EVER tell you exactly what it is they want. They say one thing on call, but have a completely different input on mail, creating constant confusion for you and your team while doing this back and forth! Just when you send them something you think they will approve, they do a 180 degree turn and reject everything. NOT a fun client to work with, right?

The best way to deal with clients like this is to have everything on email the first time around. Send minutes of every conversation and make sure you get the client to acknowledge the mail. In order to ensure a smooth sailing discussion and timely completion of the task, take executive control in your hands and reject major course changing ideas. This helps in letting the client know you are at the top of your game and know exactly how to deliver what is required. A little time consuming, but an extremely effective workflow process!

3. The “I don’t care. You know what you are doing” ones 

There is something to be said about clients like these. They give you the project and wash their hands off the entire approach. They just do not care about what you are doing, the kind of strategies you have and the kind of work being done. However, they will suddenly wake up and realise nothing is going according to their plan, thereby throwing you off course completely.

To avoid confusion from clients like this, make sure you have regular meetings. Ask for regular feedbacks on what you send to them and make sure you have everything on record. However, if they still do not listen to you and if the client is an important one, let your superiors know what is happening and take complete reins over the project. The effort you put is going to be long, but the end result is definitely worth the effort!

4. The “I don’t know what’s happening, the world is on fire” ones


This client thinks everything is an emergency for them. They think their house is on fire all the time and nothing you are doing is right. They are the kind who think their world will fall apart if you don’t do the work you are supposed to be doing and make your life difficult. If you are not at the top of your game, then nothing will go right.

To deal with these clients, make sure you keep them updated on what is going on and tell them what is happening with their project. This will help in letting them know their project is okay and you are there for them if they really do need you.

5. The “I am always going to doubt you, no matter what” ones

Sometimes, you deal with clients who work with you because they have no other choice. They fall under the skeptical radar and will always question you on what you are doing, till they think you have proven your worth to them! To make matters worse, they poke fires into things they have no business tampering with and make working with them nothing short of a painful experience. They think they can do the job better than you and will waste no time in telling you so.

Be straightforward with these clients. Tell them things point blank, without sugar coating the good news or the bad news. Think of the bigger picture, but also remember the process of achieving the end goal is important to these clients. Reply to questions they think are important and always keep them updated on what is going on with their project.

Repeat after me. You love your clients. They may drive you just a little over the edge, but they still give you new challenges on a regular basis. It is only when you have to deal with them on a regular basis is when you forget how much you cannot do without them in life. If you have other clients we missed out on that fall under the difficult bracket, comment and let us know!

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How To

Why SEO Is Important For Your Business

Smruthi Kishore



SEO for Your Business,Startup Stories,Latest Startup News India,Best Startups in India 2018,SEO Guidelines,SEO,Importance of SEO,Benefits of Search Engine Optimization,Benefits of SEO For Business,Why Your Business Needs SEO,Why Your Business Needs SEO,SEO Benefits for Business,Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of rules followed by websites or blogs to ensure maximum visibility on the search engine results pages. This can improve the website’s ranking and online presence. From giving the most importance to your titles to making complete use of the key points on your website, SEO helps in streamlining your website and how it appears on a search engine. Here is why optimizing your website is highly essential, especially at a time when competition is at an all time high.

1. Improved visibility 

One of the primary objectives of SEO is improving the visibility of your website. No matter how great the content on your website, it cannot be easily found by your target audience unless you streamline and use SEO friendly words. Zero in on a focus keyword and when you are working on your website’s content, make sure you follow all the guidelines with respect to the keyword. Once you follow the right kind of guidelines, the process is streamlined and your website’s visibility improves by leaps and bounds.

2. Improved traffic 

Redirecting traffic to your website organically is not only the most difficult, but also the most essential thing one needs to ensure regular sales generation. While an increase in traffic is not directed towards an increase in sales, SEO still affects the number of people who come to visit your website on a regular basis. Through the utilization of keywords and by following SEO guidelines, you redirect people to your website. This helps in making sure there is an organic increase in the number of people coming to your site.

3. Gives you an insight into your customers’ needs

As mentioned earlier, SEO gives you an increase in the kind of people visiting your website. When that happens, you also start understanding what your visitors are looking for on a daily basis. The daily influx of repeat and new visitors is dependent on the kind of things people are searching for and if optimized the right way, then this traffic increases in huge numbers! Furthermore, when you start optimizing your website as per the SEO guidelines, you get a clear understanding on who your customers are, what kind of interests they have and what kind of things they like the most.

4. SEO impacts research and sales point of view

Without directly increasing your inherent marketing costs, Furthermore, you can increase your return on investment in large numbers, provided the SEO guidelines are followed accurately. Through the right kind of strategies, you can target your customers and increase the kind of output you expect from your website.

5. SEO multiplies your social sharing tactics

When you are working with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, SEO plays a very important role. Once you completely optimize the content on your website through tags, alt tags and slug lines, you can make sure your website is seen organically. In short, SEO used right helps get your website noticed, used and loved!

SEO is extremely vital in a world that is highly competitive and driven to finding new things on a regular basis. With a focus on growth, it is absolutely essential for every website to follow all the SEO guidelines and stick to the rules of the business! If you think we missed out on any reasons as to why SEO is important, comment and let us know!


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How To

Digital Marketing Plans And Why Everyone Needs One

Smruthi Kishore



Digital Marketing Plans,Digital Marketing Strategy,Role of Digital Marketing,Benefits of Digital Marketing,Digital Marketing Plans 2018,2018 Digital Marketing Plans,Steps to Digital Marketing Plan,Startup Stories,Latest Startup News India,Best Startups in India 2018

The year is 2018 and digital marketing is slowly and surely taking over the world of the internet. Digital marketing is the next big thing and with people moving away from brick and mortar methods of shopping, it comes as an important reason to look at digital marketing as a quick fix tool for promoting your business. If you are just starting out with your business, then these are the reasons why you need a digital marketing plan to get a leg up in this cut throat world.

1. Marketing plans give you direction and focus

When you have a written down and clearly chalked out plan, your strategies start taking shape. They give you a focus on what you want from your plan and help you grow your business into a success. The most important reason for having digital marketing plans is they give you specific targets and help you make your long term and short term goals come true.

2. Digital marketing ensures conversions

By using an effective combination of search engine optimization, social media marketing and email marketing, digital marketing plans help you keep a track of leads, subscribers and sales. Furthermore, these plans also ensure in converting your offline traffic into consistent, online traffic.

3. Digital marketing plans help you understand your customers better

Digital marketing plans give you a quantitative and qualitative understanding on your customers. Track your customers’ consumption strategy and look at how to make the most of the situation by using the right kind of technology. With the right kind of insights, you get a clear understanding on who your customers are and what they prefer from what you have to offer. From understanding the ratio of men versus women and to understanding the kind of responses your audience is giving to your service, digital marketing plans help in providing you with a clear and concise thought process.

4. Digital marketing plans give you a clear online presence

The fact that the world is moving towards the online front is no hidden secret. Till people see a brand’s strong online presence, the trust factor is at an all time low. With a clear thought out digital marketing plan, you ensure you have a strong online presence and your position as a strong force is further cemented in the minds of your online customers.

5. Digital marketing plans help in limiting duplication

With a strong digital marketing plan, you help in limiting the kind of products you have. By looking at multiple factors like age groups, demographic understanding of locations and regulating the cookie pool, digital marketing plans help in giving you the much needed clarity of thought. Digital marketing helps in giving you an idea of what is working for your business and what is not. By formulating a clear idea of who the target audience is, you can utilize your resources in places where they are the most effective, thereby getting rid of things which are not working for your business. Therefore, digital marketing plans help in driving you toward a successful end result.

Digital marketing plans is necessary in this constantly growing world. When you are looking at increasing the kind of impact you want your business to have, these plans help in changing the course of things for you and your online presence, giving you a strong edge over your competitors. If you think we missed out on any other reasons as to why a digital marketing plan is absolutely essential, comment and let us know!


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The Power Of Offers And How They Increase Sales

Smruthi Kishore



Power Of Offers,How They Increase Sales,How to Increase Sales,Best Sales Promotion Ideas,Business Strategy to Increase Sales,Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales,Sales Marketing Strategy,Best Startups in India 2018,Latest Startup News India,Startup Stories,5 Ways to Increase Sales,Ideas to Increase Sales

Every time you look at an attractive offer, doesn’t your heart race a little, your palms become just a bit clammier and your pace a little faster? There is something to be said about the way offers make you feel and the way they increase your excitement for a product you didn’t even think you wanted. Despite living in a world where there is always something cheaper to look forward to, offers are the best way to increase your sales and attract customers. If you are still not convinced, then these reasons are what you need to increase the number of people coming into your store.

1. Offers increases traffic 

One of the major advantages of offers is they last only for a limited period of time. With social media being used to its complete advantage for marketing and promotions, the appeal of offers has increased a lot. An important point to note here, make sure you clearly display the offer and you have all the details mentioned while promoting your offer on all social media platforms.

2. Offers increases room for new ideas


One of the major advantages of offers is it frees up room for new ideas and products. Not only can you get rid of stuff that doesn’t give your brand that edge, offers help in giving you clarity of thought in what to do next. From looking at how customers react to what you have in store to looking at what you can do to increase traffic, offers help in making the change you need for your business!

3. Offers help build relationships 

When you offer promotions with specific target customers in mind, it helps in improving relationships with your customers. To make offers more attractive, make sure you tailor them to specific groups of customers. This helps in knowing what your clients want and in understanding their perspective. Furthermore, they let people know you are interested in working with them for a long period of time and not just for when they come for one particular purchase.

4. Offers help in meeting and improving your sales target 

Every business usually has weekly, monthly or quarterly targets which absolutely need to be met, no matter what. When you have offers that are attractive and enticing, they increase the chances of these sales targets being met with a stupendous success. Not only can you meet the required target, if timed right, you can ride through the lean periods without a backlash through offers.

5. Offers help save money 

Finally, despite all the other advantages, one of the primary reasons why offers are so attractive is they help save money when you least expect it. When you have an inventory filled with things you do not want, offers help in getting rid of baggage which is dragging your overall profit ratio down. Not only can you save money with this, you also save money for the lean periods!

When you use social media and different marketing tools to your advantage, you increase the overall performance and also make sure you have a customer base who is more than satisfied with you as a brand! What are some of the offers that work really well? Comment and let us know!

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