If you own an offline business with internet awareness or a complete online store, then you will be familiar with the terms like digital marketing, email marketing, content marketing etc.,

What is this Digital Marketing?
The promotion or advertising of products/services through a digital platform like Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content marketing, Search Engines, Videos, Blogs, wireless messaging and on digital screens is called Digital Marketing.

There are many digital marketing strategies used nowadays, some of the popular methods are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, RSS Feed and Content Marketing.

Why Digital Marketing is important nowadays:

In India, 220 Million use a smartphone and 100 crore+ active mobile connections. The penetration rate of smartphones is rapidly increasing because of the lower cost of mobile phones and internet. The usage of smartphones, tablets, and computers has increased to very high percent which made digital marketing very essential. Every smartphone spends time on social media, search engine and utilize some applications too. The time spent by the users on digital media is increasing very fastly so the digital marketing strategies will surely help for deep marketing.

Internet usage became a part of daily life and digital marketing helps small companies to reach more customers. Even small companies can target their market using some digital marketing tools same as large companies. They can connect with many customers around the world without establishing any physical store or branches.

Difference Between Digital Marketing & Offline Marketing:

The ultimate goal of both marketing strategies is to reach new customers, brand building, and lead generation. Comparing with the offline marketing, digital marketing is very cheaper, very accurate, targeted and result-oriented.

Using digital marketing, companies can target the exact audience and reach the customers who are really interested. The reach of digital marketing is very higher that offline marketing and with very low investment. There are certain standard parameters to measure a digital campaign like Cost per Click (CPC) or Pay per Click (PPC), Cost per Lead (CPL) and Cost per View (CPV).

Offline marketing using billboard or banner need high investment and can’t analyze the customer engagement. While in any digital marketing campaign, we can get the detailed analysis and customer engagement. But in some cases, offline marketing creates impact in mass marketing activities. In digital marketing, we can also set fixed budget for marketing campaigns. We can also spend Rs.500/day which is less than $10.

How Digital Marketing offer better ROI (Return On Investment):

Digital Marketing companies optimize for conversion rates to get maximum business ROI. You can run any campaign fixed with an objective like lead generation, visitors for any website, installations for an application. You can also get real-time analysis of the users visited any website, actions taken and responses. The important aspect of digital marketing is Campaign Rate Optimization. Converting the visitors to customers by applying strategies which work and existing customer to visit again. Investing in digital marketing in exact and planned manner ROI can be achieved. According to some sources, a company invested Rs.65,000 ( $1000) per month for 6 months and achieved 300% growth in revenues, ROI of 250% on spent.

Digital Marketing surely gives fruitful results than traditional marketing and budget cost of digital marketing is very low than offline marketing.

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