One major question bugging every employee is if they should move and is it time for them to look for better opportunities. While change is the only constant in life, regular changes can also harm your chances of getting a new job. But what exactly is the right time to change and how does take that decision?

Here are some tips that could help make up your mind.

1. The passion is gone
The feeling you had when you first started working there, the passion and the fire is gone. Going to work is a burden and you cannot wait to get back home. Every morning is a struggle to push yourself to get to work on time. Every day is a struggle to complete work. If work reminds you of struggle, then it’s time to move on.
2. Your skills are not utilized
You have more to offer than what you have not been contributing for a significant amount of time and your management doesn’t acknowledge your skills. Although you put in your 100% in everything you do, the results are never satisfactory and you feel yourself slacking off at work. You no longer feel like you belong there or cannot commit the necessary time to your job.
3. No opportunity for advancement
You have worked hard for every project put on your plate. But, post that, all the projects are the same and require the same skill set and  are no longer challenging. You fall into a stupor repeatedly doing the same tasks every day. If you are not constantly learning and growing your network, your confidence and resume in general, then you are putting more into the job than you are getting out of it.

4. More Work For Same Pay
You have taken on additional responsibilities over the years, led bigger teams, celebrated many achievements but your pay has always remained constant. Especially if the company is performing well but it is not reflected in pay upgrades and bonuses, it is probably time to move on. 
5. Boredom is a constant companion
If there is nothing left to learn or conquer, boredom tends to become your constant companion. Boredom indicates that you may have outgrown the position and have nothing more left to offer. It is time to jump ships when you catch yourself daydreaming during meetings and cannot concentrate on projects.
6. Hostile work environment
If you are facing a hostile work environment, including an overbearing boss, unfriendly colleagues or any form of harassment, it is time to say bye. No position or pay package is worth the emotional trauma or mental stress. Move on if you do not feel comfortable in your office or if you are constantly scared of making the wrong move or saying the wrong thing. While office politics is present in every company, a hostile office is never a good place to work.

While it is considered to be toxic to constantly change jobs, a stagnant job can be even worse for you personally. According to various studies, job hoppers tend to be quick learners, fast thinkers and overachievers with a better pay package. So if you are facing these issues or more at your work place, it is time to start the job hunt game! 

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