The startup life is a tough life to lead, but to become successful, one must be prepared to take the plunge. The main difference between an entrepreneur and a wantrepreneur, is the difference between actually doing something and the want to do something. While one is open to new experiences, the other gets cozy inside their comfort zones. Therefore, confining to comfort zones and not venturing into new areas can be toxic for the company. If you feel overly comfortable with where your company stands at right now, then this article is a must read.

Simply put, a comfort zone is a state of mental security that routine behavior and generalized patterns give to a person. It’s the feeling of being protected from and not exposed to risks of any kind. Humans, in general, are creatures of comfort seeking a neutral state where stress and anxiety are minimal because of a fixed regimen. This sense of familiarity, security and certainty is unhealthy for an individual and for a company.

The first step necessary for moving out of the comfort bubble is to realize the advantages of breaking free. You learn to deal with life better. Every wave in the ocean won’t phase you and you are able to easily sail rough waters. It becomes easier to analyze better, look at the different options and choose the best possible solution or path for yourself and for your company. On the spot decisions, which are a part and parcel of being an entrepreneur become second nature. Taking risks and conquering fears becomes an everyday activity and growth becomes a by product of the company.

Stepping out of your comfort zone involves making a conscious choice to take the harder, riskier route that you would generally avoid. Begin with small changes that won’t majorly affect your lifestyle. Instead of jumping into the deep end and finding out you can’t swim,  step into shallower waters and check the temperature of the pool. The basic idea is to place yourself in new arenas. Use a different contractor, try a new approach, use a different tool, try out the latest technology, essentially doing anything you haven’t done before.

If you are unable to make a different decision for yourself then consider other point of views and make snap decisions once in a while until you get used to the idea of experimentation. Flick a coin over smaller decisions, ask people not related to your company for their opinions and eliminate the need to mull over a decision thereby increasing self trust. Debate with your friends, employees, colleagues and staff over new ideas to listen to the different point of views and their pros and cons before coming to a decision. This will also involve the employees in the decision making process and bring in new ideas as two heads are always better than one.

Unless and until you try new options, you won’t know what you are good at, where you can improve and if there’s a better option out there. Saying yes to new choices, volunteering for jobs you are unfamiliar with and slowly pushing your boundaries will let you be comfortable with everything in general, eliminating the need for a narrow and focused safe zone.

Trust yourself to know your limits and take things slow. While entrepreneurship is all about the hustle, big steps can make you fall. Know how far you can push your self before it becomes too much and take baby steps before you attempt the jumps. Learn to walk before you run to finish this journey you have begun.

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