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Leadership Lessons From The Best Entrepreneurs



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Leadership cannot be defined as one specific trait or characteristic. It is a combination of traits and behaviors that makes someone a good leader and a respectable person. Some of the leading entrepreneurs of today have shown many such characteristics that make them worthy of the position they hold and influence the world to be a better place. Let’s take a look at some of the most inspirational qualities of leading entrepreneurs from around the world.

1. Do not forget where you belong – Sundar Pichai
Born and raised in a small town in Chennai, Pichai understands the importance of remembering where you come from even after becoming someone great. Till date, he always acknowledges his parent’s devotion and sacrifices they made for the sake of his education. Despite his various achievements, intelligence and dedication towards his work, he still remains the same curious little boy from India who wanted to explore the technology world.

2. Know when to let go – Sir Richard Branson
The founder of the Virgin Group and one of Britain’s richest people, Sir Richard Branson has advocated letting go of one brand in order to keep the rest of the organization healthy. In March last year, Alaska Airlines bought Virgin America and decided to retire the name of the company. Sir Branson realized the importance of letting Virgin America go despite having an emotional attachment with the company. In a letter addressed to the employees, he wrote, “As an entrepreneur’s brand, Virgin is always starting new businesses. And (sic) we will not stop.” It takes a lot of courage to start a company and build it, but it takes more than just courage to know when to stop and let go of something that is not working. Honor the process of building a company, but, more than that, honor the people who were a part of that journey. “This was the ride and love of a lifetime. I feel very lucky to have been on it with all of you.”

3. Lead By Example – Elon Musk
The CEO of not one but 3 successful companies SpaceX, The Boring Company and Tesla, Elon Musk has been constantly pushing the edge of reality. From launching the heaviest rocket ever carrying a car to making electric cars a luxury, Musk has been at the forefront of making things happen. He has always believed in changing the world through his tenacious work ethic and execution. No matter what your goal is, leaders need to develop a vision for where they would like to be and work until they reach their destination. “If you’re co founder or CEO you have to do all kinds of tasks you might not want to do. If you don’t do your chores, the company won’t succeed. No task is too menial.

4. Evolve with the times – Anand Mahindra
CEO of Indian multinational conglomerate Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra has positioned the company as one of India’s most respected and innovative companies around the world. The 60 year old CEO is very active on social media and believes in successfully making a connection with the younger generation on their turf. Despite belonging to the old school of corporate honchos, he thinks if you’re a hierarchical leader, if you’re bureaucratic and not empathetic, you’re going to be dead in the water. “Create a rich environment for growth – everyone’s growth. The person who is skilled enough to grab those nutrients is probably your future leader.”

5. Stick To Your Values – Azim Premji
A person is defined by their characteristics, values and ethics. A business is also defined by the kind of values and principals it follows. Azim Premji is also known for working the same way he leads his life. Values should form the core of the business as success in business eventually but inevitably follows. Stand by what you do and do not compromise under any situation. “Once you stand by what you believe in and don’t compromise with it under any circumstances; you become resilient to stand up to crisis.”

Let these’s world leaders inspire you to do better, be better and lead with pride.

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10 Best Marketing Campaigns Done By Companies So Far



“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

Marketing is one of the most premier concepts of business management and sometimes companies go all out to promote their products and services.

Here is a list of the 10 best marketing campaigns done by companies so far.

1) Paving For Pizza – Dominos

In 2018, Dominos realised that pizzas  driven over roads that are in poor condition are damaged before they can be delivered.  The company therefore started a campaign called “Paving For Pizza”  to hire work crews that can repair potholes in California, Texas, Georgia and 50 other states in the U.S.

This was an intelligent marketing strategy which required input from customers and co-operation from various municipalities. This campaign became a huge success and it also brought in profits for the company. The repaired potholes had the logo of Dominos and read “ Oh yes we did it.”

Picture credits:

2) SpaceX Tesla Roadster

The year 2018 witnessed ad campaigns taken to a whole new level when Elon musk’s two giant enterprises SpaceX and Tesla worked together to send the first Tesla to space. The Tesla Roasdster is an electric sports car that served as a payload for the Falcon heavy test flight. Starman, a mannequin dressed in a space suit occupied the driver’s seat. This act drew the attention of millions of viewers and thousands of news articles were published on it.

Picture credits:

3) Share A Coke– Coca-Cola

Coca- Cola’s share a coke campaign is one of the best performing marketing campaigns of all time. This campaign began in summer 2014 and as a part of this campaign, Coca- Cola trades out the company’s logo on 20 ounce bottles for 250 of the countries most popular names. Consumers are encouraged to choose a bottle that personally resonates with them and share it with friends and family. The online performance of the campaign was overwhelming. Within a year over 500,000 photos were shared online with #ShareaCoke.

Picture credits:

4) Follow The Arches – McDonalds

Not many companies are brave enough to chop up their logo and yet expect people to recognize it, but McDonalds is not one of them.

As a part of its outdoor advertising, McDonalds started an ad campaign called Follow the Arches, alongside agency Cossette. This campaign witnessed McDonalds cropping its golden M logo to create various directional arrows to direct people to the nearest McDonalds outlet in high- traffic areas of Toronto, Canada. The campaign had four billboards which consisted of sections of the logo M alongside slogans like “on your right”, “on your left” and so on.

Picture credits:

5) Kylie Truck – Kylie Cosmetics

The 21 year old makeup  mogul raised the bar for advertising when she launched the Kylie Truck in December 2017. For the holiday season in 2017 Kylie cosmetics launched a travelling cosmetics truck that will deliver products all over Los Angeles. This pink mirrored vehicle drew the attention of thousands of customers and increased the overall sales.

Picture credits

6)  Equalizer – Smirnoff

Smirnoff started a campaign called Equalizer to promote equality for women musicians around the world. According to Spotify data, none of the top 10 most streamed songs were performed by women. Smirnoff teamed up with Spotify in the year 2018 to help increase the representation of women in music. The Smirnoff equalizer analysed the listening habits of Spotify users and calculated the percentage breakdown of the number of men versus women artists they have listened to and also provided users with an equalized playlist where both genders are represented equally.This campaign received appreciation globally.

Picture credits:

7) Whopper Neutrality Campaign- Burger King

Brands usually steer clear of controversial topics yet, Burger King addressed net neutrality by creating an educational video on it. The customer service was intentionally slowed down as the creative team tried to explain net neutrality to them. Whopper Neutrality is Burger King’s most shared ad of all time. The video generated around 1.5 million views on Twitter.

Picture credits:

8) Get The Inside Out – Lloyds Bank

Three out of four people suffer from mental illnesses of some kind and yet it is still a taboo. To remove the stigma attached to mental illness Lloyds bank launched the Get The Inside Out campaign which featured an array of famous people like actors and athletes along with Lloyds staff addressing various mental issues like bipolar, anxiety disorders, depression etc.The response to this campaign has been overwhelmingly positive.

Picture credits:

9) Shot On Iphone – Apple

Shot on iphone is a series of campaigns by Apple Inc. Apple users submit images which are posted by Apple on billboards with the tag “Shot on iphone” showcasing high quality photos and videos.

Picture credits:

10) Don’t Mess With Mother – Apple

In 2019 the shot on iphone campaign was upgraded to “Don’t Mess With Mother’  for Earth day. This ad shows the magnificent side of nature by featuring both land and sea animals, ocean waves and lightning bolts. This footage was shot in 9 countries around the world.

Picture credits:

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Ways Facebook Messenger Is More Than Just A Texting App



5 Ways Facebook Messenger,Texting App,Startup Stories,Latest Technology News 2019,Facebook Messenger App,Facebook Messenger Service,Facebook Messenger Latest Features,Facebook Messenger New Features,Facebook Texting App

Social media giant Facebook’s messaging app, Facebook Messenger, is being so widely used, it is quickly becoming as popular as Facebook itself. While the app may have started off as a stand alone messaging service, the Facebook team clearly has a lot more plans for the app. Apart from texting and video calling people, here are some cool things the messaging service does!

1. Create stories

While Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat requires you to create stories directly through the app, Facebook Messenger lets you create stories through the messenger service. Available for 24 hours, you can change your settings to let more than just one person view the story! Try this now, if you haven’t already.

2. Use augmented reality to shop

If you can’t find enough places to shop at or if you are too lazy to switch through apps while shopping, then worry no more. Facebook Messenger is now using Augmented Reality to help you shop better and faster. To make things better, you can take pictures of what you want (like a sneaker or lipstick) and see how they look on you before you place the order. In fact, brands like Nike and Sephora are already on board, making shopping an extremely easy task!

3. Encrypted chats

Did you know  WhatsApp is not the only messaging service which provides encrypted chats? Facebook Messenger also has a service now which lets you have encrypted chats  which cannot be decoded, come what may. All you have to do is to click on the “Secret” tab located on the top right corner. To make sure your chats are safe and record free, set a time period for when you want the messages to disappear . Using the end to end encryption service, Facebook Messenger makes sure even your government cannot read or track your chats!

4. Use it as a money transfer system

If you do not want to use apps like PayPal and PayTm to send or receive money, then it is time to move over to Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is go to the settings and connect your credit card with the app. To transfer money, tap on the name of the person to whom you want to send the money  and just hit the bottom left button. Life made easy or what?

5. Unsend messages

One of Facebook Messenger’s latest features, the unsend message button, is now here! The unsend feature lets you delete messages within ten minutes of sending them. Unfortunately, Facebook Messenger isn’t at the point where it can hide the fact that you deleted a message. Just like with WhatsApp, the other person will get a notification saying you have deleted the message. Let’s admit it. We all wanted this feature and now that it is here, you can’t stop using it.

If you haven’t tried these features yet, the time to do it is now!
P.S., if you know other features of which we do not, comment and let us know!

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Influencer Marketing – Why Should You Use It?



Influencer Marketing Why Should You Use It?,Startup Stories,Latest Business News 2019,Influencer Marketing,Reasons to Use Influencer Marketing,Benefits of Influencer Marketing,Influencer Marketing 2019,Build Brand Awareness,Influencer Marketing Statistics

We are at a time when brands can no longer rely purely on celebrity endorsements or ads. With too many false advertisements and too many celebrities pretending to use a product they really  do not, the time for a change has now come. With a change like this, a new wave of marketing called influencer marketing was introduced. In simple terms, influencer marketing is the process of using a famous person on social media to promote your brand. While the person may not be a major celebrity, the number of followers the influencer has is so vast and varied, the reach of the brand increases multifold. Here is why you should use influencer marketing:

1. Influencers generate stats

Perhaps one of the simplest benefits of influencers lies in the fact they generate stats for brands. The moment an influencer starts talking about your brand, generation of sales starts and as a result, so does the generation of statistics. The views your brand gets depends on the length of your campaign and the kind of influencer with whom you interact. One of the best ways to understand this point is by looking at how luxury watches producing company, Daniel Wellington, used both celebrities and regular influencers to further its brand. Averaging between one and two posts a day, Daniel Wellington’s Instagram started doing so well, the reach jumped to at least 1.4 million a day!

2. They help build brand awareness

Another advantage of using influencers is they help build brand awareness and spread the word about what your brand does. Diageo, a whiskey distillery, used the cult actor Nick Offerman (from Parks and Recreation) to promote their brand. What Diageo did was to place Nick in a strategic way in front of a fireplace and shot a 45 minute long video. The obscure placement of the product and Nick’s charm made the video go viral, it garnered over 3 million views since the time of its launch! By using Nick, Diageo got over 17,000 subscribers for its YouTube channel and almost 840 million social media impressions to date. Not only did Diageo use a slightly off beat celebrity for its brand, it also made the best use of an influencer!

3. Influencers are extremely influential

According to a recent study, 84 % shoppers buy products only after getting information about the product online. While not all products are talked about by major bloggers or celebrities, influencers help bridge this gap. According to a poll done by Adweek, influencer campaigns earn $ 6.85 for every dollar spent. If this is not a great return, then what is?

4. Influencers know their audience

One of the other advantages of using an influencer is that you can work with someone who knows their audience really well. Influencers really understand who their target audience is and with the kind of content they create, they work on reaching a large group of people you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Take Nissan for example. They utilized influencer marketing to the very max and with four inhouse influencers, they create multiple influencer campaigns at the same time. One of its campaigns did so well, it got 470,000 views in just a day!

5. They know how to think outside the box

Social Media Automation Tools,2019 Best Motivational Stories,startup stories,Social Media Automation Tools 2019,Best Social Media Automation Tools,Social Media Tools,Social Media Marketing Automation Tool,Social Media Management Tool

Perhaps the best thing about influencers is they know how to think outside the box. All you have to do is to give them a brief about your campaign and tell them what you want to achieve from your collaboration with them. When Pepsi was working on increasing its sales at Walgreens, Pepsi collaborated with multiple influencers all over the place to distribute the 200 bottles of special emojis. The influencers created content so well, they helped drive the audience to multiple Walgreens and Duane Reeds stores!

Done right, influencer marketing can really make a strong difference for your brand. If you think we missed mentioning any other reasons as to why influencer marketing is important, comment and let us know!

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