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Marketing Campaigns With A Message For Women



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Through the years, there has been a vast improvement in terms of equality, especially in the kind of messages brands portray. While marketing and advertising campaigns have been borderlining on fantasy and fiction, there has been a shift in the demographic of advertisements. Today, here is taking a look at marketing campaigns, which not only empowered women, but helped improve equality in the larger sense of the word:

1. Smirnoff and Spotify: The Equalizer 

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In the year 2018, Spotify launched a brand new campaign directed toward increasing the number of women using this app. By creating a campaign called The Smirnoff Equalizer, the Spotify team tracked the user based behaviour and based on the results, created playlists targeted for men and women. One of the reasons this campaign worked so well is not only because of the unique combination between men and women, but because of how Spotify tried working over the highly prevalent gender bias.

2. Microsoft – Girls Do Science

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As one of the leading tech companies in the world, Microsoft realised early on, they have a large impact on the way people view women in the science and tech fields. Accepting this need, Microsoft created the #GirlsDoScience campaign in order to reinforce the fact that it is okay for young girls to love science and technology. With a series of videos showing girls and young women talking about how much they love science, this campaign was directed to show the positive side of the women liking science. By the end of the video, Microsoft sent letters of encouragement to these girls in order to inspire them to keep working hard and doing what they love. Through this campaign, Microsoft conveyed how it strives to ensure  gender bias no longer exists in the field of technology!

3. H&M – She’s A Lady

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How many times have you been told what to wear, how to dress and what kind of clothes suit you? The more number of times you are told these things, the more you start rebelling, right? Realising the reason to change this very issue, H&M launched the She’s A Lady campaign in the year 2016. Designed to make women realise they can wear and do what they  like, the campaign quite literally created a splash. Lauded for the subtlety in how the campaign was handled and delivered, H&M also went a step ahead because for once, they didn’t focus on the brand, but focused on a social cause instead!

4. Always – Keep Going

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Remember the strong impact the #LikeAGirl campaign by Always, had in the year 2014? Sticking to its theme of changing the stereotypes, it launched another campaign called #KeepGoing in the year 2017. Designed to tell women that even if they fail, they can and should push through, without fear of any kind, Always has always ensured that it has a positive impact on women everywhere.

5. Under Armour – I Will What I Want

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Unlike the other campaigns, Under Armour went a step further with its I Will What I Want campaign. Not only did it work toward bringing down the gender stereotype, it also worked at celebrating women who became successful through all adversities. Encouraging them to do what they want, this campaign received a positive reaction the moment it hit the social media platforms.

6. Dove – Real Beauty

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Despite the reduction in the way women are perceived, there is still a huge expectation from society as to how women are expected to look . Because of the extremely  unrealistic expectations placed on women, there is a lot of effort women have to make in order to look the way they should. In order to break down exactly this kind of bias, Dove started the  Real Beauty message, in the year 2013. By showing two sides of how women like to draw themselves,  one was created by the person themself and the other one was created by a forensic artist trained to draw images . Through this campaign, Dove sent a message to women everywhere saying they didn’t have to look a particular way just because society expected it from them. They could dress the way they want, look the way they like and be who they are because there is nothing more beautiful than bringing your inner beauty to the surface.

7. Microsoft – Make What’s Next 

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Another brilliant campaign from Microsoft,  Make What’s Next was aimed at letting women know they don’t have to ask permission from men to do what they want. Following up on the #GirlsDoScience campaign, this video was also aimed at showing how it is completely okay for women to study things like maths, science, engineering and technology. While Microsoft’s previous campaign had done really well, it was #MakeWhatsNext which really hit the roof of success!

For years, we have been trying to break down the many, many stereotypes and the many biases present between men and women. While there is quite a long way to go, these marketing campaigns have shown, if you try hard enough, you can achieve anything you want! If you think we missed any other campaigns like these, comment and let us know!

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Best Mother’s Day Campaigns So Far



Best Mother’s Day Campaigns,Mothers Day Campaigns 2019,Mothers Day Marketing Campaigns,Startup Stories,2019 Motivational Stories,Mother's Day Campaign Ideas,5 Best Mother's Day Campaign,Importance of Mother’s Day,#MothersDay2019

Every year in May,  Mother’s Day is celebrated not just by the average citizen, but also by brands all over the world. As we move closer to the day which celebrates mothers and love, here is looking at some of the best  Mother’s Day campaigns:

1. Google – ‘Here’s To The Moms’

Apart from coming up with a traditional Mother’s Day banner, Google always goes the extra mile to celebrate this day. By partnering with Whirled, Google came up with a campaign called Here’s To The Mom which highlighted everything  moms do for their children. What came across really well in this campaign was Google used this video to not only pay homage to the mothers, but to subtly showcase its products as well! Two birds, one stone!

2. Hallmark – ‘Put Your Heart To Paper’

As a part of its Put Your Heart To Paper campaign, Hallmark asked adults to tell their mothers how they feel without using the words “I love you” or “thank you.” For a while , Hallmark was synonymous with cheesy, soapy ads but this particular ad, with a strong message to its name, made Hallmark stand out. Part of an eight part series, the video was done so well, it brought out the unconditional love people have for their mothers!

3. Barneys – Love Mom

Barneys took influencer campaigns, influencers and  Mother’s Day to an entirely new level. Using the help of the mother daughter duo behind the extremely successful Scout the City campaign, Barneys photographed mothers and daughters paired up and having fun in their Madison Avenue store. Realising the powerful value influencers have right now, Barneys capitalised on this marketing strategy by giving people real pictures. By using the #instabarneys tag, the store also asked people to engage with them in conversations. Not only was this a great campaign in terms of showing love for mothers, it also increased Barney’s social media reach.

4. Clarins – Voicemail for the win

What would you wish for your mother? Clarins asked its customers the same question and asked them to record what they wanted through the Chinese message sharing and recording app, WeChat. Shoppers who recorded and sent their messages then got free gifts for their mothers from a Clarins store over the Mother’s Day weekend. The takeaway here is that not only was this a great way of promoting Clarins, it also made people aware of WeChat!

5. Tanishq – ForYou

As a brand, Tanishq started creating advertisements which not only make you remember the brand, but  also give you happy feelings. With their campaign dedicated toward Mother’s Day called ForYou, Tanishq brought out the beautiful relationship between a mother and her daughter. For Tanishq, this wasn’t the only campaign which pulled at one’s heart strings. With advertisements based around topics like remarriage and appreciating those with dark skin, Tanishq always goes the extra step to connect with its audience.

Mother’s Day is all about showing the importance of a mother and what people can do for their mothers. Campaigns like these were created not only to drive this message home, but to also make you as a customer remember them better. If you think we missed out on any other campaigns like these, comment and let us know!

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Entrepreneur Stories

Richard Branson Unknown Facts



Richard Branson Unknown Facts,Startup Stories,Surprising Facts About Sir Richard Branson,Amazing Facts About Richard Branson,Facts You Didn't Know about Sir Richard Branson,Richard Branson Fast Facts,#RichardBranson,Richard Branson,Unknown Facts About Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin Group, has quite a reputation. Since the year 1970, Branson has made a strong mark on the world positioning himself among the top ten successful entrepreneurs in the world. While there are a lot of facts known about this serial entrepreneur, there are still quite a few unknown facts. Check them out here!

1. He is dyslexic

Did you know that while most people shy away from admitting they have dyslexia, Branson credits his success to his disorder? It was because he discovered this disorder at a young age that he was able to learn how to delegate his tasks and start learning to be the leader he is today.

2. He created a submarine

While most of us just dream of one day owning a submarine, Richard Branson made his dream come true. Called the Necker Nymph submarine, Branson’s submarine is a treat for his visitors. Not only does the man have a private island, he also designed his own transport to and from his private island. How cool is that?

3. He Cried When He Sold His First Company, Virgin Records

The first thing you create is always your baby and when you sell it, you experience a pain like never before. Branson also felt the same way when he sold, Virgin Records, the company which began his empire. Despite selling the Company for a billion dollars to keep the Virgin Group afloat, the loss of his first baby made Branson bawl like no one could imagine. Ouch.

4. He is not a part of any boards

Unlike other owners, Branson is not a part of any of the boards of the companies he owns. Despite owning more than 200 companies under the Virgin Group, Branson always stays away from being a part of the Board of Directors. Why? Because he believes he is not a businessman but a creator and visionary!

5. He has been knighted!

Richard Branson is perhaps the only entrepreneur in the world to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth 2 in the year 1999. Sir Richard Nicholas Branson received a knighthood for his relentless services for entrepreneurship. Did you know that Branson is the only entrepreneur who backed more than 18 startups? A deserved knighthood, no? Incidentally, apart from being knighted, Branson was also awarded by the United Nations (UN) for his contribution to the environment and humanitarian causes, earning him the title of The United Nations Correspondents Association Citizen of the World Award.

6. Adventure could easily be his middle name

Apart from building his very own submarine, Branson is an avid hot air balloon lover. Did you know that Branson is the first and only person in the world to cross the Atlantic in the largest hot air balloon? He loved the thrill so much, he broke his own record in the year 1991 by crossing the Pacific in a hot air balloon made by Virgin. Clearly no one else thought they could beat his record.

7. Television loves him

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Television loves Branson. Apart from making special appearances on shows like FRIENDS and Baywatch, a lot of other shows like The Simpsons and Monty Can’t Buy Me Love have created entire characters around the man behind the Virgin Group!

Richard Branson gave the world the Virgin Group and everyone lessons for a successful life. If you think we missed out on any other facts about this man, comment and let us know!

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Gmail – Tips And Unknown Facts



Gmail Tips, Gmail Unknown Facts,Startup Stories,Motivational Stories 2019,Gmail Tips 2019,Gmail Facts,Unknown Facts About Gmail,Gmail Interesting Facts,Gmail Tips and Tricks 2019,6 Amazing Gmail Tips,Gmail Latest News

Arriving as an invitation only platform, Gmail has today become the largest email service provider. Despite being used by almost everyone around the world, there are still facts and tricks which even the most avid Gmail user has today forgotten. Here is making your week better by taking a look at unknown facts and tips about Gmail:

1. Driving directions from Gmail

While Google Maps is a dedicated app which gives you directions and helps with navigation, Gmail can also help with this service. By detecting your current addresses and the location of where you want to go, Gmail creates a link and asks if you want to map the path. Apart from giving you the route to and from a place, Gmail also helps in tracking your orders and packages!

2. Gmail almost didn’t have a logo

Right till the night leading up to its launch, Jim Davis wasn’t sure if he wanted a logo to go with the email service. An entire team of designers worked to reinvent the way the logo looked and came up with the final design shortly before the launch. If they hadn’t gotten it right, Gmail would have been logoless.

3. Everything has a shortcut

If you thought only Windows or applications like Excel had shortcuts, think again. To help people use Gmail better, Jim Davis and team installed a shortcut within the app. To see what we mean, press “Shift + ?” to see the complete list. You can thank us later!

4. Read receipts

Just like every communication service, Gmail also has the option of giving you a read receipt. By adding extensions like Bananatag Email, Sidekick and Intelliverse Email Tracking, you can now get notifications when people read your mails. Worry no more about delayed responses and wrong IDs because Gmail has your back now.

5. The Gmail Server Status

Unlike other apps, Gmail lets you take a look at when the app crashes. While Gmail doesn’t go down very often, the Gmail Server Status helps in keeping users up to date about the crashes. All you have to do is check the App Status Dashboard and you can get all the details about when the app is down and when it is expected to go live again! You’re welcome.

6. Online while offline

Forget issues related to no internet because Gmail lets you send mails even when you are offline! All you have to do is enable the app Offline Gmail Google Chrome and voila! From reading mails to writing new mails and responses, the offline mode is basically your best friend for life, at least when it comes to Gmail!

We bet you didn’t know these things about Gmail. If you think we missed out any other facts and tips about Gmail, comment and let us know!

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