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The Largest Startup Acquisitions In The World

Smruthi Kishore



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From acquiring talent to shutting down competition, there are several reasons as to why tech startup acquisitions happen in such large numbers. While one would think the WhatsApp Facebook acquisition was the largest one to date, the reality is far from what meets the eye. Here’s looking at some of the largest tech startup acquisitions in the world!

1. Shazam, acquired for $ 400 million! 

Apple’s acquisition of music identifying and discovering app, Shazam, broke in December 2017. While its a tool many are familiar with, Shazam failed to make it to the big leagues. Taken over for a cool $ 400 million, it is further reported that Apple is going to integrate Shazam into its iOS.

2. The Facebook WhatsApp acquisition for $ 19 billion 

The Facebook and WhatsApp takeover came at the whopping price of $ 19 billion. What makes the deal all the more worth it is the fact that along with the company in itself, Facebook got access to the 450 million users WhatsApp has.

3. Google buys Motorola for $ 12.5 billion 

Before the Facebook WhatsApp acquisition, Google held the position with the highest amount paid for a take over. Google acquired Motorola for a cool $ 12.5 billion! What made Google hold a higher position as compared to Apple was the simple fact that Google held the patents for all the new innovations by Motorola.

4. Microsoft gets Skype for $ 8.5 billion 

Before Microsoft bought over Skype, the online video conference and voice call service was briefly owned by eBay in 2003. When the going got rough, eBay sold Skype off at a 40% loss. When Google and Facebook showed interest, Microsoft swooped in and bought the platform for a cool $ 8.5 billion!

5. Walmart Inc buys Flipkart for $ 16 billion 

Walmart Inc., the largest United States based retail store acquired Flipkart for $ 16 billion, making this the largest e commerce based deal in the recent past. According to the deal, Walmart Inc., is going to have a 77.7% stake in Flipkart.

The last couple of years were quite interesting in the world of startups, with each acquisition and take over being more interesting than the last. If you think we missed out any of the major acquisitions, please feel free to comment and let us know!


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Oracle Unknown Facts

Smruthi Kishore



Oracle Unknown Facts,Startup Stories,Startup News India,Unknown Facts about Oracle,Mind Blowing Facts about Oracle,Interesting Facts about Oracle,Awesome Oracle Facts

Oracle’s ride to success has been fast, quick and inspirational. From being a data programming company to a power player in the cloud computing industry, Oracle has come a long way! While the company works at constantly repositioning itself with new inventions, here are a few facts you did not know about this cloud computing, multi faceted startup!

1. The beginning 

The company was started as a result of an CIA project codenamed Oracle. Larry Ellison liked the name Oracle so much, he stole it after the project was completed! Ironically, Oracle was also the name of ITVs latest service in the 1970s and the 1980s! Unfortunately, the first version of the Oracle failed miserably.

2. The second version was an instant success

With the first version of the software being such a disaster, there were quite a few expectations riding on Ellison and his team. Ellison simply renamed the first version as Oracle Version 2. Written in assembly language for the DEC PDP 11, a mini computer popular at the time with businesses and academia, it contained 128KB of memory.

3. Oracle’s first customer

Oracle’s first customer was Wright Patterson Air Base. According to Oracle, this sale was the first commercial version of relational database software sold on the market. However, it wasn’t until Oracle 7 in 1992 when the company finally managed to pull away from its rivals!

4. Oracle came back from a bust 

The pressure to grow, or at least appear to grow, was too high for Oracle. With so many mini Ellisons running around the place, the company started to fall to pieces. In fact, at one point, the company even thought of firing Ellison. Oops! However, they pulled through and clearly, they are now a force to be reckoned with!

5. Ray Len was Ellison’s key to success! 

Did you know that Larry Ellison would not have become a millionaire if it weren’t for Ray Len? In 1992, structure officially came to be when Len joined Oracle. He was responsible for single handedly creating the founding stone for Oracle 7!

With Oracle on the brink of becoming a truly enormous superpower, it is definitely worth looking into some unknown facts about Oracle. Comment and let us know if we missed out on any facts about Oracle!

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Ola Unknown Facts

Smruthi Kishore



Ola Unknown Facts,Startup Stories,Best Motivational Stories,Startup News India,Unknown Facts About Ola,Ola Interesting Facts,Amazing Facts About Ola Cab,Ola Success Story,Some Ola Cabs Hidden Fact,some Lesser Known Facts About Ola,Ola Cab Amazing Facts

Started out of a bedroom in December 2010, Ola was the brainchild of millennial founders Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati. Pranay Jivrajka joined the founding team seven months later, and in July 2011 the team was five people strong. Soon after, the startup started growing so fast they had to hire a couple of call centre operators to manage the large number of incoming calls. With Ola’s increasing popularity and growth in different cities not just in India, but all over the world, here are some lesser known facts about the country’s third largest startup!

1. The original purpose

Ola was originally founded to rent out cars during the weekend. The cab company was initially called and was meant to give tour/travel packages for visitors at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Since public transport in the form of cabs was literally non existant at the time, founder Bhavish Agarwal decided to cash in on the opportunity. This is how Ola Cabs was founded and through the years, the name changed to Ola.

2. The beginning 

Back in the day, Ola started in a 10*12 feet room in an apartment in Mumbai! Bhavish was a one man show in the beginning, doing everything from photographing cab drivers to providing customer support. Interestingly, with Ola’s initial business model being so different, the logo used to be different as well! Check out the logo here.

3. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari 

If all the vehicles on the Ola platform are made to stand in the line, the length would be 3895 kms. That’s the distance from Kashmir to Kanyakumari!

4. Religion no bar! 

When it comes to getting new drivers on board, Ola does not discriminate on the basis of religion or caste. Ola works hard to make sure its employees are all treated with the amount of respect they deserve, without any discrimination whatsoever!

5. Common names in a unique business

With a startup as unique as Ola, it comes as a tad bit of a surprise that Ola’s drivers have the commonest of names. The most common names of drivers registered on the Ola platform are Ramesh (3079) & Suresh (2661). Other popular names include Sanjay, Rajesh and Santosh.

With Ola being the first Indian startup to enter the Unicorn Club, it is going to be interesting to see how this particular home grown conglomerate would do in the coming years!

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Amazon Unknown Facts

Smruthi Kishore



Amazon Unknown Facts,Amazing Facts about Amazon,Startup Stories,Startup News India,Best Motivational Stories,Amazon India Facts,Unknown Facts about Amazon,5 Mind Blowing Facts About Amazon,Startup Stories India,Amazon Facts

Amazon is the second largest company in the world, by market capitalization standing at a net worth of $ 736 billion, trailing only a tad behind Apple at $ 833 billion. Apple shares have been struggling lately, down 2.5 % in the past month. Capitalizing on Apple’s misfortunes, Amazon has upped its game and is very soon going to become the first trillion dollar company in the world! Before something as monumental as this happens here is looking at ten unknown facts about perhaps the largest online e commerce platform in the world!

1. The original name 

Did you know Amazon wasn’t supposed to be called Amazon? Founder Jeff Bezos wanted to name it Cadabara (Yes. You thought right. Cadabara came from Abracadabra!) Unfortunately, the name stopped having any meaning for him after someone misheard it as Cadaver. No thank you!

2. The first book sold online 

When Amazon was first launched, it was a platform meant only for selling books online. In fact, the first book sold on Amazon was Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies by Douglas Hofstadter. Apparently, during the early days, every time a new book was sold, the over enthusiastic employees would ring a bell to announce the sale! Within a few weeks, sales were happening so frequently that they had to shut off the bell.

3. Oops, A Program! 

Back in the day, the programmers of the Amazon website went through a major glitch. Customers could trick Amazon into thinking it had to send them money instead of books. For a long while, the programmers didn’t know how to fix this issue. Ultimately, they had to decode it to get it back to the right format! To be alive then! Such joy!

4. First legal problem 

Shortly after Amazon was launched, Barnes and Nobles filed a lawsuit against the platform, claiming Amazon was NOT the largest platform for books. The case was filed in the year 1997, with Barnes and Nobles claiming liability charges against the tagline of Amazon (Earth’s largest bookstore.) The two settled the issue out of court and Amazon continued to use the slogan without any hassles. Amazon: 1 – Barnes and Nobles: 0.

5. From the circus to the real world

Bezos’s father was a circus performer! From there to here, he grew and made an entirely new name for himself. At present, he is the richest man in the world.

Amazon’s path to success has been monumental and quick, a feat not many considered possible during that particular time period. If you think we missed out on any fact about Amazon, then let us know in the comments!

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