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Top 5 Movies Every Entrepreneur Must Watch



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As an entrepreneur, for any company to scale, staying motivated, no matter how many times you face failure, is a key trait. Only when the founder is spirited to take on the tasks and achieve the goals, his/her employees are motivated as well. A great film can turn a visit to the cinema into more than an excuse to procrastinate. For your daily dose of inspiration and to get over your obstacles here are 5 motivational movies. These top five films will challenge your limits, push your understanding, spark your imagination and evoke strong emotions.

1. Shawshank Redemption (1994)

This is widely considered to be one is the greatest films made in the history of cinema. It’s a story about hope and freedom.

Here’s the story: Andy Dufresne, the protagonist (played by Tim Robbins,) is a banker who manages to make the very best out of a bad situation as he gets imprisoned for a false murder. Through determination, he manages to achieve far more than he thought possible. Andy uses his financial skills to help the warden and the prison guards to keep accounts. Through this, he comes to know about the illegal gains they’ve made using prisoners as manual labour. This is later exposed by Andy. This film teaches us the importance of developing long term goals while continuing to achieve short term goals.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

It’s an honest, meaningful film which makes the viewer fully invested in the struggles of Chris Gardner. He overcomes unbelievable circumstances to achieve his dreams. This movie teaches us that even having a little bit of hope can lead you to an opportunity. The real life father and son dynamic between Will Smith and Jaden Smith enriched the film. WARNING: Bring a box of tissues to the movie.

Here’s the story: The Pursuit of Happyness is based on a true story based on the life of an entrepreneur Chris Gardner. He goes through a year long’s struggle of being homeless with his son while going through a 6 month unpaid internship as a stockbroker.

3. Forrest Gump (1994)

One of the most critically acclaimed movies and one of Tom Hank’s best movies.

Here’s the story: Forrest Gump is a simple man with a low I.Q., but with good intentions. He accidentally becomes a phenomenal success by living life the way he feels is right.
He wins medals, becomes a professional ping pong player, takes up running, starts a shrimping company and inspires people across the country. The story revolves around Forrest Gump and he proves that you don’t have to be a genius to achieve something. All you need to do is try.

4. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Jordan Belfort is the perfect example of what an entrepreneur shouldn’t be. He is driven by greed and has no empathy toward his people. He lives life indulging in extreme debauchery, which eventually leads to his downfall.

Here’s the story: It is a true story of Jordan Belfort who is an entrepreneur. The movie shows the rise and fall of his firm which was engaged in a securities scam which draws the attention of the FBI.

5. Nightcrawler (2014)

This movie will teach you that anyone can achieve anything, with persuasion and drive.

Here’s the story: It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis Bloom who is a guy looking for a job, but can’t find one. He then finds an opportunity while witnessing a crime, after which, he decides to become a crime journalist.

We hope your weekend binge plans are sorted with our list of highly motivational movies! If you know of any gems that we may have left out, comment and let us know!

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April Fools’ Day – Best Tech Pranks To Date



April Fools Day,Best Tech Pranks To Date,Startup Stories,2019 Tech Latest News,April Fools Day Pranks,April Fools Day 2019,Tech Brilliant Prank,Best Tech Pranks,April Fools Tech Pranks,#AprilFoolsDay

That everyone loves a good April Fools’ Day prank is no hidden secret. While everyone else thinks of pranks moments before the day in question, tech based companies plan this event months in advance. Here is taking a look at some of the best April Fools’ Day pranks by tech companies in the past!

1. Gmail Motion

Picture credits:

You know how you have apps and features which can now be controlled through your body’s motion? Gmail thought of this as a prank way back in the day! In 2011, Gmail announced it would launch a brand new motion feature which would allow people to control the email server by combining motion technology and semiotics.Through this combination, Google planned to channel facial recognition techniques and change the way people use email. Designed to be intuitive and to the point, Google Motion was going to make tasks like opening mail and sending replies an extremely sensory based method! If that actually happened and if you could send mails through gestures, how cool would that it be?

2. When Netflix “acquired” Seth Rogen

Picture credits:

Perhaps one of the most epic things pulled off by Netflix, the day 1st April 2018 is forever embedded in history. When Netflix announced on this day last year, it had acquired Seth Rogen, it left a lot of people amused and surprised. According to the press release by Netflix, Seth Rogen entered into a lifetime deal to transfer full ownership of his personal autonomy to Netflix Inc. It was only a few days after the day of pranks that everyone realised this acquisition was not even close to the truth. Oops.

3. Uber

Picture credits:

Remember when you were a child and you dreamt of riding in supercars, even if just for a day? On the 1st of April almost five years ago, Uber announced people could ride and fly in supercars on its platform. According to the announcement, people could request for Lamborghinis and Ferraris to come to you and take you for a joy ride. While only a fantasy, this prank was quite a cool one, wasn’t it?

4. Amazon

Picture credits:

Amazon always likes  to make people laugh (and then shop on its site.) With the announcement of Petlexa, which was similar to Alexa, Amazon planned to let dogs, cats, and other animals communicate with Alexa just like you would. Apart from communicating with Alexa, Petlexa also gave pets the option of ordering from Amazon and to activate toys enabled for their smart homes. If only this were a real thing, Amazon would have pushed its sales through the woof!  

5. Lay’s India

Picture credits:

How many times have you gotten tired of sharing your favourite Lay’s chips with people around you? Lay’s India came up with the ultimate trick ever by announcing the launch of a “no share pack.” While many thought it was a brilliant solution, Lay’s kept teasing its fans by introducing gimmicks like a fingerprint sensor. Talk about a brilliant prank!

What is your favourite prank so far? Comment and let us know!

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used In Human Resources



How Artificial Intelligence Used In Human Resources,Startup Stories,Importance of Artificial Intelligence in HR,Impact of AI on HR,Artificial Intelligence,5 Ways to Use AI in Human Resources,Artificial Intelligence Applications for HR,Human Resources,Artificial Intelligence in HR 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a constantly growing field and it comes as no surprise it is being used in the Human Resources (HR) department as well. From automating the hiring process, to streamlining the workflow methods, the entire field is changing because of AI. Here are the different AI enabled tools which are simplifying the HR field:

1. Textio

Picture credits:

Writing job descriptions can be an extremely tiring job, especially if you have to write more than one a day. Textio is a blessing in disguise for this process. By using data from previously written job descriptions and other companies’ job descriptions, the tool helps write new content by changing things like wording and the formatting of the content. The tool helps in getting more job applications by generating interest in the candidates through the postings. Apart from reducing the time spent in the hiring process, this app also helps in predicting the posting’s performance.

2. Talla

Picture credits:

The perfect HR sidekick tool, Talla is extremely helpful when it comes to on  boarding new employees. From providing relevant answers, to simplifying joining processes, this is app is a savior in more ways than one. This app also helps in letting new employees know what the company policies are, thereby helping them get acquainted with the process in a quicker manner.

3. Culture Amp

Picture credits:

Culture Amp is your go to tool to help create a better company culture. By understanding and collating feedback about employees, the app uses more than just algorithms to improve the culture. Using a hybrid approach, the app collects data and analyses the questions, ideas and all the multiple approaches taken by various companies. After doing a large scale analysis, the app matches you with information which is the most relevant to you.

4. Chorus

Picture credits:

This app is one of the greatest ways of looking at how AI and HR are working in tandem. Chorus analyses how sales calls happen and the kind of impact they have. This tools helps sales representatives by giving them tips as to how they can improve their communication with the customers. One of the major advantages of this app is it records the data of all the sales calls and helps improve the number of deals closed, thereby significantly improving the sales process.


Picture credits:

Montage introduced a brand new AI enabled software called Montage Intelligent Recruiting Assistant (MIRA,) which helps simplify recruiting processes. Realising that a large number of candidates withdraw from the hiring process either due to the recruiters not respecting their time or the process being extremely long, Montage created MIRA. MIRA allows candidates to schedule their interviews with the concerned authorities and also lets them reschedule their interviews. In fact, companies which used MIRA saw a spike of 84 % in the response rate of the candidates, with the duration of scheduling an interview reducing from days to hours. These companies also claimed 90 % of the people contacted using MIRA responded in less than five hours.

AI has truly improved quite literally every major area and industry, especially the Human Resources department. If you think we missed mentioning any other tools like these, comment and let us know!

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Life Lessons To Learn From Steve Jobs



2019 Real Life Inspiring Stories of Success, 5 Secrets from Steve Jobs, Best Motivational Real Life Stories 2019, Steve Jobs Life Lessons, Inspirational Life Story of Steve Jobs, Life Lessons From Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs Inspiring Story, Steve Jobs Latest News, Steve Jobs Success Story, startup stories

When you think Steve Jobs, you think innovation, you think Apple. The former Chief Executive Officer of Apple led an interesting and enriching life. From a very young age, Jobs knew he had it in him to make a difference in the world and from the dorms of his college, he started creating a legacy for himself. Apart from leaving behind a series of iPads, iPhones and iPods, Steve Jobs has also left these valuable life lessons for people to learn from and believe in over the years!

1. Remember you are not immortal


Everyone’s life has a certain timeline. When you are feeling particularly low and out of bounds, remember there is more to life than just passing the time between death and life. Jobs said as much when addressing a group of students at Stanford University, “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because of almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure–these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.” The more you fear rejection and depression, the more you stop yourself from moving forward. Instead of letting the pain take over, learn to live life to the fullest every time.

2. You can’t live life alone

Picture credits:

Whether we like to accept it or not, we are meant to live life with other people. We are not meant to live alone and do things by ourselves. If there is a major lesson Steve Jobs has taught us, it is, in order to stay happy and succeed, you should start accepting the help of those around you. Every person Jobs recruited to his team was honed by the great man himself and everyone with whom he surrounded himself, had a certain value add to Jobs’s life. Learn to live with people, not without them.

3. When selling anything, think from the customer’s perspective

Picture credits:

One of the other life lessons for success you should learn from Jobs is, in order to sell anything really well, you need to think from the customer’s point of view. Perhaps one of the major reasons Apple is the first trillion dollar valued company in the United States of America is how quickly the team keeps thinking of new products and gadgets everyday! Why does this work? Because you understand the true feelings of your customers and with this understanding, you tend to anticipate what your customers want before they know it. Through this, you manage to stay a step ahead all the time.

4. Learn to follow your heart

Picture credits:

When Jobs dropped out six months after entering Reeds College, everyone around him thought it was a huge deal. When Jobs was given up for adoption, his birth mother had made college a necessity, which is why the drop out came as such a problem and disappointment. However, what kept him going was, even though he had made such a massive decision, it was to support his dreams and to push his passion forward. The lesson here? Learn to follow your heart and learn to trust in yourself, no matter what.

5. Create a niche and be the best

Picture credits:

Why is Apple what it is today? It is because of the way Jobs created a specific requirement and made sure people wanted the product years after the initial excitement. One of the things of which Jobs was sure both at Apple and at NeXT was, he was really great at producing brilliant technology. When he announced the iPad and iPods, people were expecting them to be extremely overpriced because of the way Jobs had marketed the products. However, when they came out at half the price, everyone was surprised! The way Jobs created a niche for products people didn’t know they wanted was Apple’s primary reasons for the stepping stones to success!

6. Always change the game

Picture credits:

How did Apple change the game from being almost bankrupt in 3 months to being the producer of an iPhone 10 years later? They didn’t stop and shut down after their failures, but kept pushing forward to create new products. Everything Jobs and the Apple team did was to push to make a mark where none existed earlier. The lesson here? Be the game changer and hold the remote control in your hands.

Steve Jobs has always been a man of vision and creation. From quite literally helping people live life a certain way to changing the way people buy technology, Jobs created a massive impact. If you think we missed out on any other lessons from Steve Jobs, comment and let us know!

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