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Top Five Companies To Work At In The Year 2018

Smruthi Kishore



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From homegrown companies to leading corporate giants, India is booming with regards to the startup ecosystem. The year 2018 has just begun and with an increase in career options, the leading firms to work at are those who offer employees a fighting chance to innovate and propagate change. If you are looking for a career change, then this list of companies will help you in making your choice!

1. Amazon India 

E commerce giant, Amazon, has been investing heavily in Amazon India. Recently, it received a funding of $ 5 billion from its parent company in an effort to compete with its arch nemesis, Flipkart. With a global headcount of 5,60,000 employees, Amazon India offers just the right kind of environment needed for growth in all aspects. Current perks include eight weeks of flexible or partial work hours for new parents, and the ability to give six week’s paid parental leave to a partner who isn’t eligible at their own firm.

2. PayTm 

PayTm’s parent company, One97 Communications, definitely knows how to take care of its employees. With a headcount of over 17,000 employees globally, PayTm works at fostering a healthy work place. The company seeks to reward its fast growing team by offering stock plans to its top performers. More than 20 PayTm employees recently became dollar millionaires following a secondary sale of stock options.

3. Flipkart 

Set up in the year 2008 with a team of two, Flipkart now has over 8,000 people on its roster. Flipkart plans on increasing its headcount to around 10,000 by the end of this year. New employees or Flipsters, as they are commonly called, are given a treasure hunt on their first day. This helps them get acclimatized and get a hold of their bearings right from the beginning!

4. Directi 

Directi, a company known for all things weird, has a fun way of hiring new employees. Responsible for a range of technology companies, including the voice calling app Ringo and workplace messaging tool Flock, Directi has over 1,500 employees globally. Candidates are asked random questions like “how many diapers are sold in Mumbai?” and if they pass all the rounds, they are rewarded with a free Kindle as a part of their welcome kit. In addition to this, they are also given full access to the Games Room whenever they want.

5. Oyo Rooms 

Indian budget hotel aggregator OYO has grown quickly since its launch in 2011, and last year moved closer to achieving the much coveted Unicorn status after closing its latest round of funding. As a result, the company is on a hiring spree and looks to take on an additional 2,000 staff in 2018. Successful applicants can expect to have a say in the running of the business, including the design of its office.


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Edtech Startups That Are Changing The Education Game

Smruthi Kishore



With education being one of the most sought after fields for more than half the population of the country, it comes as no surprise that edtech startups are the next big thing of the startup world. While some coaching centers take a look at how to better education through the traditional way, others look at bettering with the help of technology. From education funding to facilitating better coaching methods, below are some startups that have completely transformed the education landscape of India!

1. BYJUS: The Learning App 

Founded in the year 2008 by Byju Raveendran, the app was created to help students train for competitive exams like CAT, JEE, IAS, GRE, and GMAT. The app came into the limelight when it secured an investment to the tune of $ 50 million from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Sequoia Capital, among other investors. Using interactive videos, interactive learning concepts and personalised tutors, BYJUS aims at helping students learn by understanding and not by memorising what is being taught.

2. CultureAlley 

Founded  by Nishant Patni and Pranshu Bhandari, the CultureAlley website came into being when the two founders realised people wanted to learn new languages but found it really difficult to master a new task. The duo further realised that out of the 1 billion people trying to learn a new language, over 60% were actually struggling to learn English! With regular courses on grammar and English, the website is aimed at helping people get over the discomfort of learning a new language from scratch. The main goal of this app? To help people achieve what was thought to be impossible.

3. Embibe 

Founded by Aditi Avasthi, Embibe consists of a group of young thinkers who believe that in order to learn, every student deserves personal attention. An online website designed to make preparing for tests an easy task, Embibe works towards helping those preparing for the engineering examinations. Recently receiving attention for getting funding to the tune of $ 4 million from Kalaari Capital and Lightbox Ventures, Embibe works with to reduce the amount of pressure students face while working on some of the most exhaustive examinations during their student life.

4. Plastic Water Labs 

Based out of Bengaluru, Plastic Water Labs is unique in the sense that it aims at improving the quality of education by introducing the concept of virtual reality. Through virtual reality, Plastic Water Labs is working at helping students understand and retain information for longer periods of time. Currently focused on students belonging to the 6th grade to the 8th grade, Plastic Water Labs is working towards introducing virtual reality in the fields of mathematics and science, two of the toughest subjects students in these age groups have to deal with on a regular basis. With only a nominal subscription fee, Plastic Water Labs is working improving the quality of education as well as to make life easier for children prepping for the toughest times of their lives.

5. Simplilearn 

Founded in the year 2009 by Krishna Kumar, Simplilearn was started with the aim of helping working professionals. With more than 400 courses in multiple fields covering a wide array of subjects like IT, digital marketing, programming, big data, and analytics, Simplilearn gives you government recognised certificates for every course you have taken through the website. Since the time of its inception, more than 5,00,000 individuals have been certified!

From improving the kind of equipment available to increasing the scope of knowledge, startups everywhere are working towards the betterment of education through technology. If you think we missed out on any other edtech startups, comment and let us know!


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Disastrous PR Stories

Smruthi Kishore



Disastrous PR Stories,Best Motivational Stories 2018,Best Startups in India 2018,Latest Startup News India,startup stories,Top 5 Disastrous PR Stories,PR Disastrous 2018,5 Biggest PR Disasters,Top 5 worst PR Fails,Worst PR Disasters of All Time,Some Epic PR Disasters

As per the basic definition, the word brand is used to signify what your company stands for and what it signifies. Brand is a series of rules, regulations and expectations as defined by the public opinion and when worked on by the right public relations company, the message can be positively reinforcing. However, what do you do when you are affected by a crisis because your PR company did not do their job right? Check out some really epic disasters which took place because the PR company did not give its brand the required attention, time and effort!

1. Automaker’s CEO goes to Washington DC on a private jet.

When you go to your lenders expecting a bailout to the tune of $ 25 billion, the least you could do is not show up in your private jet, right? In the year 2008, the CEOs of Automaker, GM and Ford thought otherwise and decided to make a very public appearance in the city in a very expensive and fancy private jet! If only the PR company had a complete understanding of the situation, a major issue would have been avoided. Now, hybrid cars are the choice of transport, not private jets. Oops!

2. Abercrombie and Fitch’s wardrobe malfunction 

In April 2002, Abercrombie and Fitch decided to up their latest collection by introducing a line of T shirts with caricatures of popular Asian characters. To prevent any major backlash from people, A&F released a statement saying, “We personally thought Asians would love this T shirt.” Um, no offense, but there really is no underlying sense of humour here.

Before people could understand the full impact of shirts that boasted of direct attack against Asians, A&F went a step further and released  thongs in childrens’ sizes, aimed at girls aged between 10 and 14 years. Their response? “The underwear for young girls was created with the intent to be lighthearted and cute.” A major disaster right there, A&F was hit with several negative comments on not only their packaging, but on the kind of clothes they sold to the public with no conscience.

3. Urban Outfitters creates a supremely racist version of Monopoly 

Remember when Urban Outfitters started customising Monopoly and released a series of specific sets that were meant for people who lived outside the United States. While a majority of these sets were an instant hit, there was one version which majorly backfired. With lines like “Get rich by “buying stolen properties, pimpin hoes, building crack houses and getting car jacked!” and  “You got yo whole neighborhood addicted to crack. Collect $50.” Score!, Urban Outfitters ended up offending an entire community by taking stereotyping to an all new level. Not cool guys, not cool!

4. When Harper Collins thought it was a good idea to publish O.J Simpsons story! 

When you work in the publishing field as an editor, it is your job to filter the kind of manuscripts you publish, right? That is what Judith Regan, a publisher at Harper Collins, did not do! When Regan issued a public statement through Fox News saying she was working on a book about how O.J. Simpson killed his wife, the public went ballistic. What made news all the more scathing was the fact the manuscript was written by the man accused of the crime in itself: O.J. Simpson, giving the American public a very strong reason to hate the book. While neither Fox News nor Regan made a comment on the issue, owner Rupert Murdofch immediately issued an apology while firing Regan on the spot! Talk about lack of judgement and sensitivity!

5. A Cartoon Network publicity stunt causes major bomb scare! 

In 2007, when guerrilla marketing just hit the advertising world in a big way, Cartoon Network decided to launch their new show. Titled Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Cartoon Network placed 38 lit up magnet signs across Boston, with indirect references to the show. Done right, the campaign could have done really well. Unfortunately for Cartoon Network, the good citizens of Boston flipped out and thought the city was under attack through bombs! As a result of the huge number of phone calls received by the Boston police, bomb squads were deployed and public transport was brought to a standstill.

To quieten down the situation, the head of Cartoon Network at the time stepped down as CEO and took full responsibility for approving this particular campaign. To make matters worse, the two people who were directly responsible for the campaign were arrested and faced criminal charges for the hoax!

When your public relations team does a bad thing, the entire marketing strategy goes out of whack. If you think we missed out on any marketing strategies that went really wrong, comment and let us know!

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Simon Sinek Life Lessons

Smruthi Kishore



2018 Best Motivational Stories, Featured, Inspiring Lessons From Simon Sinek, Life-Changing Lessons from Start With Why by Simon Sinek, Rules to Follow as You Find Your Spark by Simon Sinek, Simon Sinek Life Lessons, startup stories, Success lessons from Simon Sinek

From Fortune 500 companies to the United Nations and to the United States government. every major leader relies on Simon Sinek, the man who broke the code to success. It was in the year 2005, when Simon Sinek discovered that successful people got to where they were because they did everything that other people did not do! After following him for a long time and doing quite a bit of research on this man, I shortlisted these life lessons from this great man! Check them out here.

1. Do not start with how, but with why 

According to Simon, everyone knows what they want to do in a company and how they got to where they are, but no one really thinks about why they do what they do. The simple, underlying definition of the ‘why’ in this situation is: “Why do you get out of bed every day and why do you make yourself do what you do on a daily basis?” At a basic level, all of us are extremely terrified of answering this question. The moment you answer this question and overcome this fear, you understand the purpose of your life, instantly pushing yourself to unparalleled success!

2. Realise that communication is about listening more than speaking 

Things stay remembered only when you pay attention to what is being said. To become a great leader, you must have it in you to listen and listen with attention. When you know what is going on with the people in your company, you know how to solve major crisis because you actually listen to what the people are saying. Speak when you really need to be heard, but remember to always, ALWAYS listen first!

3. Adapt beyond conventional ways of life 

Since time immemorial, things have been structured, with different parts of life placed in different boxes. While most people follow these set rules of life, leaders are created by people who walk outside the dotted lines of the box. According to Sinek, we are inherently tuned to responding to these rules and when we stop doing what is expected, we become greater than we ever were.

Life has funny ways of surprising us and when you let the surprises come, more often than not, the result is rewarding! If you have any life lessons you have learnt from Simon Sinek, comment and let us know!



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