US based electric cars major Tesla’s Cheif Executive Elon Musk plans to enter India soon with his Tesla’s Model 3 electric cars. In a reply to a query on when Tesla cars are to be launched in India, he replied saying: “Hoping for summer this year.”

Last year, the company stated that it had planned to enter in India in 2017. Tesla’s Model 3 cars are the most affordable car yet as it runs 215 miles of range per single charge.

Here are some mind-boggling features of Model 3 Tesla cars:

1) The base model accelerates from zero to 97 kmph in less than six seconds.

2) It includes the autopilot safety features which allows the cars to steer themselves and avoid collisions.

3) It has storage rooms at the front as well in the rear.

4) It allows the car to supercharge more faster at special power stations.

Earlier in 2016, Minister of Road, Transport, and Highways Nitin Gadkari had offered lands to Tesla near the South and Southeast of the country to facilitate the easy transport of the cars to the country.

IN 2015, PM of India Shri Narendra Modi had visited Tesla’s factory joint in San Jose and showed some keen interest towards the company.

IN 2014, Tesla had announced that India will be one of the possible locations in Asia to set up a manufacturing unit. However, despite having high potential, these vehicles are hard to sell in India because of the high customs duties on imported vehicles and also the lack of the separate category for electric cars.

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