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Best Coca-Cola Marketing Campaigns




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Coca-Cola has been a dominating name in the soft drink industry for the last century.  One of the factors behind the brand’s popularity is its incredible, effective and innovative marketing campaigns.  Let us look at some of the most memorable and successful marketing campaigns done by Coca-Cola.

Best marketing campaigns by Coca-Cola

1) Christmas campaign, 1930

Often credited for popularising the modern image of Santa Claus, Coca-Cola introduced the red and white santa image first in 1931, as a part of its winter advertisement.  Created by artist Haddon Sundblom, the image was used by the Company as a brilliant marketing tool and it became so successful, children started leaving bottles of Coke for Santa Claus, on Christmas night. 

2) Hilltop, 1971


Hilltop is one of the biggest groundbreaking television commercials by Coca-Cola till date and is considered the world’s most famous ad by many.  The advertisement featured a group of young people from different ethnicities singing I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony) on a hilltop in Italy.  The advertisement was an instant hit and the song became synonymous with Coca-Cola.

3) Always Coca-Cola, 1993


In 1993, Coca-Cola decided to experiment with the then fairly recent technology, computer animation.  This resulted in the creation of Coca-Cola polar bears, which are featured frequently in the Company’s various advertisements since then.  The campaign featured 27 different advertisements which appealed to a wide range of customers. Out of the 27 commercials, the ‘Northern Lights’ advertisement became the most popular and polar bears became mascots of the Company.

4) Share a Coke, 2014


One of the best performing campaigns in recent times, Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign was introduced in the summer of 2014.  The Company used 250 most common millennial names to market its products and the campaign quickly gained international recognition.  Over 500,000 photos with the tag #ShareaCoke were shared online within a year.

5) Taste the Feeling, 2016


The ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign was an update to Coca-Cola’s previous “Open happiness” tagline.  The campaign featured 10 TV commercials and showed the feeling which surrounds drinking a bottle of Coke.  The campaign featured the song Taste The Feeling, sung by late Swedish DJ Avicii and Australian singer Conrad Sewell.


By putting more emphasis on the brand instead of its products, Coca-Cola has become one of the most successful companies in the world, with a net worth of $ 227.4 billion.

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Gucci Unknown Facts




Inspiring Facts about Gucci, Interesting Facts 2019, Most Interesting Facts, Gucci Amazing Facts, Gucci Facts, Gucci Facts 2019, Gucci History and Facts, Gucci Lesser Known Facts, Gucci Success Story, Gucci Unknown Facts, startup stories, Surprising Facts About Gucci

Gucci, the famous Italian luxury brand known for its innovative designs, is adored by many.  Gucci is considered one of the most valuable brands in the world, with a brand value of $ 18.6 billion.  Here are some unknown facts about this reputed Italian brand.

Unknown facts about Gucci

1) Gucci was founded by an Italian fashion designer named Guccio Gucci.  Guccio Gucci was in his 40s when he started his business. He was inspired by celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Winston Churchill, whom he met while working as an elevator operator at London’s Savoy Hotel.  Guccio wanted to create a brand which would be adored by every celebrity in the world.

2) It is well known celebrities around the world are huge fans of the brand.  However, American rapper 2 Chainz took his Gucci obsession to the next level when he said, “When I die, bury me in a Gucci store.”

3) Gucci is famous for its floral scarves.  These scarves were designed by Guccio Gucci’s son Rodolfo Gucci for famous Hollywood actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.

4) The Company suffered from bankruptcy after news of Aldo Gucci’s tax evasion was made public by his son Paolo Gucci.  To control the damage caused by the scandal and to boost its sales, the Company hired famous American designer Tom Ford as its creative director.  Tom Ford modernized the brand and increased its sales by 90 %.

5) In 1998, a jeans created by the brand found a place in the Guinness World Records as the most expensive jeans in the world.  Named “Genius Jeans,” it was sold for $ 3,134 in Milan.  However, the record was then broken by Levi’s, which sold a pair of jeans for $ 60,000 in 2005.

6) During World War II, when Italy was under the rule of dictator Benito Mussolini, the brand found it difficult to acquire leather.  This forced Gucci to experiment with other materials like silk and bamboo. 

7) In 2017, Gucci became the first brand in history to host a fashion show at the famous Westminster Abbey in London.

Which of these unknown facts about Gucci surprised you the most?  Comment below and let us know.

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Entrepreneur Stories

Ex Facebook Employee Reveals How He Made $ 1 Million In A Year




Ex Facebook Employee,How He Made $1 Million In A Year,Startup Stories,Patrick Shyu software engineer at Facebook,Ex Facebook Employee Patrick Shyu,Ex Facebook Employee Reveals Insider Secrets

Patrick Shyu, a YouTuber who previously worked as a tech lead at Google and software engineer at Facebook, uploaded a video discussing his income after leaving the giant companies.

Shyu, whose channel TechLead has more than 500,000 subscribers, said in the video while others prance around in their business suits, driving Jaguars and acting self important, he made a million just by sitting in his toolshed, sipping coffee.

Shyu was able to generate such a huge amount from two primary sources—YouTube, which Shyu considers his main job and Facebook, which is his “side hustle gig.”  By making YouTube videos, Shyu made over $ 240,000 from ad revenues over a period of 12 months and another $ 260,000 from affiliate sponsorships. While at Facebook, Shyu made a total of $ 500,000 from base pay, bonus and equity, before getting fired.  After adding both the incomes, the total comes to a million dollars a year, Shyu explained in the video.

Even though making a million may sound easy, Patrick Shyu discussed how difficult it is in reality.  Shyu had to work 80 hours a week continuously. This included working from 8 A.M., to midnight every day, including Sundays.  While Shyu urged people not to follow his footsteps, he did acknowledge how beneficial it is to have a second job to boost one’s income.

Patrick Shyu admitted he was able to make more money as a YouTuber than he did working at Google and Facebook.  However, there is a downside to earning such a large amount as one does not have enough time to enjoy the money they are earning.  In Patrick Shyu’s words, he had to sacrifice gaming, movies and spending time with family in order to earn the million dollars. 


Earlier, Patrick came into the limelight when he uploaded a video titled Day in the Life of a Facebook Software Engineer.  In the video, Shyu explained the reason behind him getting fired from Facebook was his YouTube channel.  He further explained the Human Resources at Facebook did not like his YouTube channel, resulting in him being fired.  In the same video, Shyu also ridiculed the work culture at the Company.


Even with the disadvantage, Shyu put more emphasis on how important establishing a business is.  He concluded the video with the statement that there is always a fear of being replaced when working under someone.  However, working on your own business gives you the freedom of generating as much revenue as you want on your own conditions.

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The Rapid Growth Of OYO Into India’s Biggest Hospitality Chain




Rapid Growth Of OYO,OYO India Biggest Hospitality Chain,Startup Stories,Latest Business News 2019,India's OYO,famous Indian hotel chain,OYO Founder Ritesh Agarwal,OYO Growth Story

OYO, the famous Indian hotel chain, entered the US market in June 2019 and in just four months, was able to acquire 100 hotels under its management.  It also stated it adds one hotel a day to its chain and plans to invest $ 300 million in the US market. The Company, in a short period of time, was able to expand to over 60 cities in the US, including Las Vegas, Houston, Seattle and Miami.  It also opened a 35,000 square foot casino called OYO Hotel and Casino. 

The Gurgaon based startup has been rapidly growing since its inception in 2012.  Founded by Ritesh Agarwal, the startup was initially called Oravels Stays, which enabled listing and booking of budget accomodations.  After extensive research, Ritesh Agarwal decided to change the name of the company to OYO a year later. The startup also secured a funding of $ 100,000 from PayPal co founder Peter Thiel, just after being launched.  OYO has successfully raised $ 1.5 million from global investors ever since. 

Within a span of 7 years, the Company has grown globally, with its presence felt in 500 cities across 10 countries.  It has over 17,000 employees globally. Today, the Company has over 173,000 rooms under its management and is considered to be India’s largest hotel chain.  OYO has also become the world’s third largest hospitality chain. 

The Company’s growth can be clearly seen from its 2018 annual report.  OYO reported the Company saw a three fold growth and earned a revenue of Rs. 416 crores from its operations in India.

With the Company growing so rapidly in such a short period of time, its founder, Ritesh Agarwal, aims to make OYO the largest hotel chain in the world by 2023. 


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