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Coca-Cola – The Refreshing Journey




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Everyone in the world knows the name Coca-Cola.  Invented 133 years ago in 1886, Coca-Cola, manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company, is a carbonated soft drink.  The Coca-Cola Company is also one of the world’s most recognized and iconic brands with more than 3500 beverages, ranging from sodas and energy drinks to soy based drinks, under its name.

Coca-Cola was the invention of Confederate Colonel John Pemberton, who developed the drink as a substitute for his addiction to morphine.  His invention was sold at soda fountains in various pharmacies, in the form of a patent medicine marketed as a nerve tonic.  

After the death of John Pemberton, American businessman Asa Griggs Candler bought the rights to Coca-Cola from Pemberton’s family for just $ 300 in 1889 and established The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia in 1892.  It was due to Candler’s incredible marketing strategies, that Coca-Cola was sold in every state of America by 1895.  Candler was a great businessman ,but he took one wrong step when he sold the right to package Coca-Cola to bottlers, for a fee of one dollar.  This led to the appearance of many knock off brands and people had trouble identifying the real product. To solve this problem, The Coca-Cola Company asked the bottlers to come up with a bottle which would help people distinguish Coca-Cola from other knockoffs.  The first bottle made for Coca-Cola was designed as a cocoa bean. Since then the bottle design of Coca-Cola has gone through various changes, with Coke cans first being introduced to the public in 1955.

Coca-Cola remained popular well through the 20th century, with the Company owning almost 60 % of its market share in 1948.  However, this number decreased in 1984 to 21.8 % because of a new competitor—Pepsi. This prompted The Coca-Cola Company to change its formula and it then introduced New Coke, the taste of which consumers preferred more than the old Coke and Pepsi.  However, Coca-Cola faced backlash because of the public’s nostalgia for the old drink and the Company returned the old formula under the name Coca-Cola Classic. Coca-Cola Classic was changed back to Coca-Cola in 2011, after the New Coke formula was stopped from production.   The Coca-Cola Company is popular for its acquisition of various brands all over the world, including Minute Maid, Indian cola brand Thumbs Up, Fuze Beverage and many others. 

Despite its popularity, Coca-Cola has faced much criticism for its effect on health, environmental issues, animal testing and the nickname of the brand, “Coke.”  The Company is also banned in countries like North Korea and Cuba because of its identity as an American brand. 

Coca-Cola is the most popular brand of soft drinks, with its name being the second most popular word in the world after “OK.”  With an annual revenue of $ 31.856 billion in 2018 and a net worth of $ 224.43 billion, Coca-Cola is still ruling the soft drink industry with its amazing drinks and incredible marketing campaigns.

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Entrepreneur Stories

Travis Kalanick Unknown Facts




Travis Kalanick Unknown Facts,Inspiring Facts about Travis Kalanick, Interesting Facts 2019, Most Interesting Facts, uber founder Facts,Real history of Travis Kalanick, Travis Kalanick Amazing Facts, Travis Kalanick Facts, Travis Kalanick Facts 2019,Travis Kalanick Interesting Facts,Travis Kalanick Latest News, Travis Kalanick Success Story,startup stories, Surprising Facts About Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick, the co founder of Uber, is famous for turning the startup into a billion dollar company.  Let us take a look at some unknown facts about Travis Kalanick.

Unknown facts about Travis Kalanick

1) Travis Kalanick was introduced to the entrepreneurial world from an early age, when he started selling knives door-to-door for a cutlery company called Cutco during his childhood.

2) Although he is widely known for starting companies like Uber, Scour and Red Swoosh, Kalanick started his first business at the age of 18.  Along with a friend, Kalanick started a SAT prep business called New Way Academy. 

3) Travis Kalanick was a very smart child.  He became interested in computers at an early age and learned how to code by the time he was in middle school.  Moreover, Kalanick scored 1580 out of 1600 in his SAT.

4) In 2001, Kalanick started a company called Red Swoosh.  In order to save money, Kalanick started living with his parents and eventually moved to Trivandrum, India and then to Thailand.

5) Travis Kalanick is a passionate Wii Sports Tennis player and plays the video game during his spare time.  According to investor Chris Sacca, Kalanick was ranked the second best player in Wii Sports Tennis in the world.

6) Travis Kalanick is known for his aggressive behaviour and once sent Instagram a cease and desist letter by posting it on the photo sharing social media platform, along with the caption, “Charming greeting card from a taxi cartel representative.” 

7) Despite his billionaire status, Travis Kalanick is famous for being a frugal person.  He is known to intentionally forget his wallet during team lunch and staying in cheap hotels while on vacation. 

8) Travis Kalanick’s house, which he purchased after selling Red Swoosh, is famously known as the Jam Pad.  This is because Kalanick’s house became the go to place for young entrepreneurs to hang out and discuss ideas.  Kalanick’s house also has its own Twitter account.


With a net worth of $ 5.28 billion, Travis Kalanick is one of the richest entrepreneurs in America.  Which of these unknown facts about Travis Kalanick surprised you the most? Comment below and let us know.

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Estée Lauder Life Lessons




Estée Lauder Life Lessons,Startup Stories,Inspirational Life Lessons 2019,Estée Lauder Founder Life Lessons, Estée Lauder Story, Estée Lauder Inspirational Life Lessons, Estée Lauder Latest News, Estée Lauder Success Lessons,Estée Lauder Success Story

Estée Lauder was the founder of Estée Lauder Companies Inc., famous for its prestigious skincare, makeup and fragrance products.  Estée Lauder started her company with the belief there are no unattractive women, only women who don’t care. Lauder, through her products and belief, changed the face of the beauty industry.  Check out some incredible life lessons to learn from this beauty mogul to motivate you.

Life lessons to learn from Estée Lauder  

1) Age is just a number

Estée Lauder was a teenager when she started her own business of selling beauty creams made by her uncle, Dr. John Schotz.  She sold the creams to her classmates and eventually, at beauty salons.  Lauder used business tricks and started handing out free products in an effort to increase sales.  The important lesson to learn here is no matter what your age is, you can become successful with your ideas, determination and hard work.

2) Believe in yourself and your ideas

Estée Lauder truly believed the world would be a better place if everyone bought her products.  According to her, “A person has to love her harvest if she’s to expect others to love it.”  Lauder believed in herself and the ideas she had for her Company.  Although it was quite uncommon for women to start their business in the 1940s, Lauder stood her ground in the corporate world and focused on achieving her goals.  In the entrepreneurial world, it is very important to believe in oneself and one’s ideas, in order to achieve any kind of success.

3) Working hard is the key to success

Estée Lauder was not born to a rich family.  In fact, she started her business from her kitchen and with hard work, built her billion dollar company.  Lauder famously said she did not become successful by wishing and hoping, but by working hard. If you have some great ideas, work hard towards making them a reality, instead of waiting for a golden opportunity.

4) Rejection is a great motivator

After her product was rejected by the manager of Europe’s largest department store, Lauder spilled a bottle of her perfume on the floor in order to attract people to her product.  She was eventually offered a contract by the manager of the store, after people started showing interest in her product. Estée Lauder, instead of accepting defeat when faced with rejection, quickly found a way to achieve what she wanted.  In the process, she taught us to take rejection in a positive way. 

5) The power of creativity

Estée Lauder was a creative person and her creative marketing tactics were the reason her Company became so successful.  When her Company was small and did not have any money to hire an ad agency, Estée came up with the idea of giving away free samples with each purchase.  This technique proved to be a success and brought in thousands of new customers. She revolutionized the entire beauty industry with this technique, which has been adopted by many companies ever since.


Estée Lauder spent all her life working on her dream and in the process, became a role model to many.  If you think we missed out on any other life lessons by Estée Lauder, comment below and let us know.

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Thomas Alva Edison Most inspiring Quotes




Thomas Alva Edison Most inspiring Quotes,10 Inspiring Quotes by Thomas Alva Edison,Top 10 Thomas Alva Edison Quotes,startup stories,Most Inspirational Quotes 2019,Thomas Alva Edison Latest News,Thomas Alva Edison Motivational Quotes,Thomas Alva Edison Quotes,Thomas Alva Edison Success Quotes

Often regarded as America’s greatest inventor, Thomas Alva Edison is an inspiration to many.  From the invention of the lightbulb, to developing the world’s first motion picture camera, Edison’s inventions had a strong impact on the modern industrialized world.  Here are the 10 most inspiring quotes by Thomas Alva Edison.

Most inspiring quotes by Thomas Alva Edison

1) About being a genius


2) About failure


3) About hard work


4) About giving up


5) About time

6) About invention

7) About opportunity

8) About executing ideas

9) About capability

10) About discontentment


Thomas Alva Edison was an inventor turned entrepreneur, with 512 patents under his name.  He was the first scientist to employ a group of researchers and to establish an industrial laboratory.  Edison’s work and success is the reason many people see him as an inspirational figure.


Comment below and let us know which of these quotes by Thomas Alva Edison inspired you the most.

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