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Digital Marketing Startup Think Tree Media Is Changing The Marketing Game

Smruthi Kishore



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We live in a world where the times are constantly changing. With the internet taking over pretty much every aspect of our life, it comes as no surprise that the advertising and marketing world is also upping its game! First, the world started shifting from offline advertising to online advertising. Once it was proven that digital marketing is a force here to stay, marketing agencies started proving their work with renewed vigour.

While it seems to have become the trend now to focus on digital marketing agencies who are doing mainstream work, some agencies are being recognised and appreciated for work which sets them apart from the ordinary. One such agency is Bangalore based marketing agency, Think Tree Media House. Pursuing your passion is a dream that most only hope to be able to achieve in their life.

Mayur Tekwani, co founder of Think Tree Media, realised his passion for making the world a creative place when he was in college itself. What started off as just a little bit of work for a friend’s restaurant soon turned into something a lot more exciting.

In the midst of working for his first Food and Beverages (F&B) client, Mayur realised a lot of similar brands were facing a simple problem, that of poor representation on the digital front. With this in mind, Think Tree Media was established on 1 April, 2015 by Mayur, Lanwin Pais and their business partner, Hugh Loren. What sets them apart, you ask? Young, fresh minds with a zeal to create quality content.

Despite the fact that they have have been around for two years in this field, the 25 member team thinks they have still a long way to go and have only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of creativity and the work they have done as a team. While they do offer the regular services you would want from a digital marketing agency, they go a step ahead by doing things like maintaining the online reputation, campaign management and influencing markets.

Ask Hugh Loren, a partner at the firm about where he sees Think Tree Media in five years and he quips by saying, “in a bigger office, obviously!” He claims that the comment was a joke but looking at the efforts the team has put into the company, a bigger office space definitely seems to be in the very near future. At the moment, the company plans on expanding into the fields of real estate, fashion and entertainment! If you are interested in partnering with Think Tree Media House and want to work with them on your future projects, then check out their website here:

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Emerging Startup Stories

Test And Turn Your Passion Into A Career With Lemonop!



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India is one of the very few countries blessed with an abundance of creative and young minds!

In a digitalised world that is rapidly changing the work environment, more and more people are opting for gigs.

So, what exactly are gigs? Gigs are basically one time projects or short term assignments. Gig offers flexibility, choice, control and independence. You choose what projects, when and where to work! How much you earn depends on either the quantity of work you take on or the difficulty level of the project.

The new era of startups in India is complimenting this freelancing market. Most technology startups need youngsters to shape their products and service offerings but can’t afford full time employees. As a result, they are opting for freelancers with whom they can engage for specific project deliverables and shorter period of time!

Lemonop, a Bengaluru based startup was created as a platform which could provide multiple opportunities. The projects are exclusive to youngsters and created by amalgamating technologies and companies to make a better world for creative minds!

With Lemonop, not only can you gain experience but you can also embrace opportunities in your areas of interest and passion!

Lemonop brings an opportunity for passionate young people who want to explore short term gigs in their areas of interests. This Bengaluru based startup has a lot to offer young minds who want to explore relevant options for their careers. With the gig lifestyle in rise, people today don’t want to be bound to the shackles of corporate culture, where they strive hard to climb up the corporate ladder, rather they would like to be more entrepreneurial. It helps people try out different career paths before sticking to just one. You can later move ahead with the desired career path after trying out a gig in the respective area of interest with the company.

Here’s what Lemonop has to offer you!

Students and graduates can gain work experience without a job.

Alongside, they can get exposure to unique industries and pursue opportunities which can earn them money as well. Youngsters also get the opportunity to build a network with like minded people and climb up the ladder in their required areas of interest. Businesses benefit by getting work done by talented youngsters who could be their future employees and consumers!

What makes it more interesting is Lemonop allows companies to come up with assignments which are posted online. Interested students can browse and apply for any project that catches their eye. The firm has a dedicated website and an interesting mobile app for students and companies to make the workflow convenient and easy! They can post, apply, communicate and select the jobs they want from the available list.

The app offers a variety of opportunities in different industries including travel, food, blogging, coding, marketing, graphic design, content writing, fashion, photography, stand up comedy, music and much more.

The CEO of Lemonop, Swaroop Chand says, “Going forward, gig economy will play a large role in the transition, helping people try out different career paths before committing to one.” Lemonop is currently available for web and Android devices. For more details, you can visit the website

The gig trend is definitely on the rise and with the approach to the future generation, we have the potential to power India to the top of the gig economy!

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How To Create An Outstanding Company Culture For Your Startup



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Company culture is the collective behaviour of all the team members. Having a good company culture is quite important to keep up with the momentum of the work. It is all about supporting people who share the same mission and values with regard to the company. Why is it necessary to have a set company culture? Because a work place culture can make or break your company!

Startups often face challenges in building a culture that is in sync with the company’s codes, rules and ethics. A culture should be designed in such a way that it leads the company to its stated end goals. A productive culture should be attained in the very beginning itself. This way when the company grows, it would be easier to follow through with the same culture and values.

The key to a good office culture is to set a firm chain of command and control of tasks. Apart from that, it is important to establish clear, honest and open communication. Knowing how to share opinions, challenges, discussions and mutually agreeing to a solution is essential. If at all there are any differences then you must be able to resolve the issue. As your company grows it becomes even more important to create the right culture as it could directly have an impact on the productivity of the individuals. Lack of employee motivation could also developed due to poor startup culture. So, create a fruitful culture that not only promotes good sportsmanship in business, but also keeps the team motivated to complete their tasks. Also, treating all the employees equally helps in keeping up with the culture of the startup. If you treat your workers right, you’ll figure out how to prevent them from going to other companies. If the employees are happy, they are not looking for other jobs!

Here’s how you can create an outstanding company culture,

  • Define the company’s ethical values and codes
  • Hire smart employees
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Treat employees equally  

At last you should be constantly reviewing your company’s culture. Culture may vary from company to company so, concentrate more toward creating an effective and a healthy culture from the very beginning!


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Emerging Startup Stories

Pros And Cons Of Working For A Startup



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Startups have been taking over the world in recent years using technology as a means to solve everyday problems. Working in a startup has a certain rush that can seldom be found in other working environment. A startup is like an infant that needs to be nurtured with lots of love, care and patience. That being said, working in a startup can be both amazing and terrifying at the same time. We list some of the pros and cons of working in a startup to show both sides of the startup coin!

The Experience –

Pro – Working in a startup itself is a unique experience as it allows for rapid growth in a creative and innovative environment. Startups provide a stimulating work place with loads of opportunity for learning and a platform to take on added responsibility.

Con – While startups are a great place to learn new and exciting things, they are also known for over burdening employees working on tight schedules, long hours and few vacations.

The Earning –

Pro – Most of the time you are paid in a startup based on your skills set when compared to an established company. If the company grows, you could reach the top level soon, as you will be among the first few employees. This plays a key role in the growth of your career. However, salary with startups varies a lot.

Con – As far as the investors are concerned, they don’t just invest in any and every startup. So, chances are you might start off with a small pay since startups have tight budgets. Salaries are lower than the usual. Basically, your salary is never fixed in a startup!  

The Responsibility –

Pro – Startups require working closely with the brightest personalities. Working for a startup means you are part of a small team. A startup can offer an extremely magnificent working background. You may feel like you are running your own company. You will obtain an intense understanding of the business as a whole that could also help you to start your own business someday.

Con – When compared to startups, bigger companies have more people on whom to rely. Since new businesses have a small workforce, every individual contributes into the company’s growth and prosperity so, you should be prepared to go up against a major workload.

Working for a startup can be fun and exciting but it is no less a bumpy ride where you face a lot of challenges. It is no cake walk working for a new business as it has its own pros and cons. However, the rewards you reap can be huge!


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