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Bill Gates – Life Lessons




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When 13 year old Bill Gates laid eyes on his first computer, he knew he found his first love. From breaking the pieces apart to figuring out how they work, everything about computers fascinated him. Despite dropping out of Harvard, Gates worked on making his dream come true. Although he retired and is no longer the CEO of Microsoft, Gates still has a lot to teach us. Check out lessons about leadership and life from Bill Gates here:

1. Never stop reading

Gates’s love for reading came as early as his love for computers. When he was young, he devoured the entire Encyclopedia set and when his parents realised he loved reading, they encouraged it by paying for whatever book he wanted. Despite being extremely busy, Gates still dedicates time to review and recommend books on his blog called Grace Notes. Not particular to a certain genre, Gates’s site has reviews about books ranging from fiction to nonfiction stories. The Microsoft founder goes so far as to credit his success to dreaming, which came from his love of reading books! Keep reading and learn something new and you will never stop growing.

2. Teach your kids to value hard work  

Unlike other kids born with a silver spoon, Gates believes in making his children work for what they earn. Despite being given an unbelievable education and a head start to life most people don’t have, Gates pushes his children to work. Gates always believes in giving children as many opportunities he can. In fact, he donated $ 29 billion of his wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is also a member of The Giving Pledge. Did you know, he doesn’t do this alone? Melinda Gates, his wife, believes in this philosophy as well and together, they make sure their kids live a well rounded life!

3. Take measured risks

Just like other entrepreneurs, Bill Gates believes in being spontaneous, but with some care. The first time Gates thought of Microsoft as a company was when he was at Harvard. When he read about a brand new computer called MITS Altair in a magazine called Popular Machines, he called them and said he wrote a programming code for the system. However, what MITS didn’t know was, Gates didn’t have anything ready for them and this call was only to see if they were interested. The minute he realised something could happen, he took a leave of absence from Harvard to work on the code, BASIC. This code became so popular that shortly after it was created, Gates and his partner Paul Allen sold it for $ 3,000 while retaining the ownership rights. The lesson here is, you should understand the situation before jumping head on and taking risks, only then can you get a clear picture.

4. Learn from your mistakes

One of the most important things you can learn from Gates is, you should always learn from your mistakes and never let failure push you down. When Bill Gates didn’t realise the potential of Microsoft as a search engine, he let Google take forward his brain child and become the best at something he already created. Gates even admitted that because he didn’t realise Microsoft’s potential, he let Google kick his butt!Keep going forward, no matter how big the mistake may seem to you at the point and only then will you grow ahead.

5. Live your values

One of the philosophies Gates followed was to always let those around you know who you are. From helping his employees get a rung up the ladder to connecting with U2’s Bono festival in 2005 to help eradicate poverty, discrimation and diseases, Gates made sure he never stops helping people. Never let go of that in which you believe and you can always help people achieve their goals. The best way to demonstrate how Gates believes in this principle is by looking at how much he always gives back to society. From helping people in his Company to making sure everyone in need is given what they want, Gates always believes in living by his ideas and values.

Bill Gates has been a mentor to everyone around him, inspiring people to grow through their insecurities and weak points. How did Bill Gates inspire you? Comment and let us know!

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Warren Buffett Most Inspiring Quotes




Warren Buffett Most Inspiring Quotes,Startup Stories,Warren Buffett Quotes,Warren Buffett Motivational Quotes,10 Warren Buffett Quotes,Richest Man in World,10 Most Inspiring Quotes by Warren Buffett,Warren Buffett Latest News,Berkshire Hathaway CEO,Warren Buffett Success Quotes

The fourth richest man in the world, Warren Buffett is one of the greatest businessmen and investors of all time.  Known for succeeding in everything at which he tried his hands, Warren Buffett is an inspiration to many. Here are the 10 most inspiring quotes by the “Oracle of Omaha.”


Most inspiring quotes by Warren Buffett

1) About passion

2) About happiness

3) About expectations

4) About success

5) About spending

6) About the important rules of life


7) About reputation


8) About doing good


9) About investment


10) About greed and fear


From being a paper delivery boy, to becoming one of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffett is an absolutely inspirational figure.


Comment below and let us know which of these quotes by Warren Buffett inspired you the most. 

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First Jobs Of Famous Billionaires




First Jobs of Famous Billionaires,Startup Stories,Famous Billionaires Jobs,Billionaires First Jobs,5 Famous Billionaires First Jobs,Billionaires Success Stories,Billionaires Working First Jobs,Billionaires Jobs,Top Billionaires First Job

The success stories of many billionaires around the world inspire many people of our generation and have, on several occasions, ignited a desire in many to start their own business.  However, many of these successful people began their career by working ordinary jobs. Let’s look at 5 such successful people, who started their career by working some very ordinary jobs.


First jobs of famous billionaires

1) Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and is often referred to as the “Oracle of Omaha.”  However, this American business magnate started his career by selling Coca-Cola bottles, chewing gum and magazines door-to-door.  At the age of 13, he became a newspaper delivery boy and made $ 175 a month, delivering The Washington Post.  He continued to look for other business ventures and accumulated savings of $ 9,800 by the time he finished college.  Now, with a net worth of $ 82 billion, he is the fourth richest person in the world.

2) Michael Bloomberg 

Michael Bloomberg, who founded the financial, software, data and media company Bloomberg L.P., worked as a parking lot attendant when he was young.  Born to middle class parents, Bloomberg worked in a parking lot to pay his tuition fees in college and went on to graduate from Harvard Business School.  Now a well known philanthropist, Michael Bloomberg is one of the richest people in America, with a net worth of $ 53.5 billion.

3) Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a well known media mogul and entrepreneur, who worked as a grocery store clerk in Nashville to support herself.  She then landed a job in radio at the age of 16 and worked her way to the top, eventually owning her own production company. Now, with a net worth of $ 2.6 billion, she is considered one of the most influential women in the world and is a source of inspiration to many.

4) Li Ka Shing

Li Ka Shing was the former chairperson of CK Hutchison Holdings and CK Asset Holdings and is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Asia.  Coming from a poor family, he started his career as an apprentice at a watch strap factory when he was 13 years old and at the age of 19, became the general manager of the factory.  He later started his own plastic manufacturing company and used the profits from the company to invest in real estate. Li slowly worked his way up the ladder of success and is now one of the richest people in Hong Kong, with a net worth of $ 27.1 billion. 

5) Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is an American Shark Tank investor, co founder of and owner of the American basketball team Dallas Mavericks.  Cuban began working at the age of 12 as a door to door garbage bag salesman. After graduating college, he worked as a bartender and then as a salesman for a software company.  He started his own company,, after getting fired from his job and now has a net worth of $ 4.1 billion.


It is true, starting at the bottom does not guarantee success.  However, if you find your passion and work hard towards it, nothing is impossible, as the aforementioned individuals proved.

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JRD Tata Unknown Facts




Tata Group, which began in 1868, has had six chairmen until now.  Among the six men who served this renowned business group, there was one exceptional man who served as its chairman for 50 whole years and took the Company to great heights.  Yes, the man we are talking about is none other than Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata, or JRD Tata.  

From starting India’s first ever international airline, to giving the Country one of its largest cosmetic brands (Lakmé,) this gentleman has done it all.  JRD Tata also strived his best to improve India’s economy on the whole. Here are some unknown facts about this exemplary industrialist. 


Unknown facts about JRD Tata


1) JRD Tata was born on 29th July, 1904 in Paris and had a French citizenship for a long time.  He even served as a part of the French Army for one year. 

2) In 1925, he entered the Tata Group as an unpaid apprentice. 

3) JRD Tata was always keen on flying and became India’s first licensed pilot in 1929.  

4) In 1929, JRD Tata also renounced his French citizenship and took up Indian citizenship. 

5) In 1934, JRD Tata was elected as the Chairman of the Tata Group.  He was only 30 years when he was elected for this position, making him the youngest person to head the Group. 

6) When he was appointed as the Chairman, the Tata Group had 14 companies under it.  JRD Tata expanded it to an empire of 95 companies in a span of 50 years. Some of the most renowned companies established by JRD Tata during his tenure as the Chairman include Tata Motors (1945,) Lakmé (1952,) Tata Tea Limited (1964,) Tata Consultancy Services (1968) and Titan Industries Limited (1987.) 

7) JRD Tata was the person who launched Air India International, India’s first ever international airline.  For this reason, he is also known as the ‘father of Indian aviation.’ 

8) JRD Tata was the man who initiated the ‘employee welfare schemes’ in India.  He is responsible for the 8 hour work day, free medical aid and the employee provident fund.  These principles were later adopted by the Indian Government. 

9) It is no surprise this man received several awards during his lifetime.  His awards include the Padma Vibhushan (1957) and the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award (1992.)

10) When JRD Tata died in November 1993, the Indian Parliament was adjourned in his honour. 

Which of these facts about JRD Tata surprised you the most?  Comment below and let us know. 

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