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Jeff Bezos Unknown Facts




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Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, is currently the richest man in the world.  With his business registering unstoppable growth in the e commerce sector, his net worth is $ 161 billion as of May 2019.  Keep reading to know some lesser known facts about this business tycoon.


Unknown facts about Jeff Bezos:

1) Jeffery Bezos was born on January 12th, 1964 and since childhood, he had a passion for science.  When he saw the Apollo 11 moon landing, at the age of 5, he decided he wanted to be an astronaut.  He even set up a science laboratory in the garage and came up with new projects every now and then.  One of his projects was an electric alarm which kept his siblings away from his room.

2) Bezos spent his summers as a fry cook at McDonald’s, Miami when he was a teenager.  He proved his tech skills by setting up a buzzer to let the employees know when to flip burgers or pull fries out of the fryer.

3) Jeff Bezos is a long term thinker and this is evident from the fact he is trying to build a 10,000 year clock.  Unlike conventional clocks, this clock will be designed to tick only once a year for 10,000 years. It is said he is going to spend $ 42 million on this project.

5) Harvard Business Review declared Jeff Bezos as the “Greatest Living CEO” in the year 2014.

6) Catering to his passion for science, Bezos founded “Blue Origin,” a privately owned aerospace manufacturer and sub orbital space flight services company, in the year 2000.

7) Jeff Bezos is an avid reader.  He makes sure his employees also adopt the same practise.  The top three executives of his company are made to read the three books—The Effective Executive, The Goal and The Innovators Solutions.

8) In 1999, Bezos received his first major award when Time named him the Person Of The Year.  Along with this, he has several honorary doctorates and was featured in Fortune’s list of 50 great leaders of the world for three years straight.

9) We are all used to seeing  Bezos in formal suits, but for a change, you can see him dressed as an alien in the movie Star Trek Beyond, in which he made a cameo.  Bezos is a huge fan of Star Trek.

10) Along with Amazon and Blue Origin, Bezos also owns the iconic newspaper, the Washington Post.


 Jeff Bezos, who started Amazon by selling books, has come a long way.  He is currently the king of the e commerce sector and is likely to take over the aerospace sector with “Blue Origin.”

Comment below and let us know which of these facts about Bezos interested you.

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Wacky Stories About Entrepreneurs




The world of business is quite serious and can seem intriguing at times.  However, there are many people out there who proved entrepreneurs can have some really interesting personalities.  Here is a list of four crazy things famous entrepreneurs have done.

Wacky stories about famous entrepreneurs

1) Nicolas Berggruen

Famous philanthropist and investor Nicolas Berggruen avoided buying a house for years.  He preferred to travel and stay at various hotels all over the world. This unique lifestyle earned him the nickname of “the homeless billionaire.”  However, Berggruen decided to settle down and bought a house worth $ 40 million in 2017.

2) Yoshiro Nakamatsu

This Japanese inventor is credited for inventing many things like the floppy disk, jumping shoes with leaf springs and a wig for self defense.  He has more than 3,357 inventions to his name. In many interviews, Nakamatsu said underwater diving gives him the best ideas. He also claims to get best ideas when he spends time in his “calm room” made up of 24 karat gold.  Nakamatsu also predicts he would live till the age of 144.

3) Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the brilliant mind behind the famous Apple Inc., was also a bit eccentric.  He was known to be a perfectionist, however, he did many things which are considered crazy.  He would soak his feet in toilets in order to relieve stress. At one point, he ate so many carrots, his skin turned orange.  He also stopped taking showers after starting a meat free diet, as he believed the diet would help his body not to produce any body odor.

4) Robert Graham

The American entrepreneur, known for developing shatterproof plastic eyeglass lenses, was also an eccentric person.  He reportedly opened a sperm bank for geniuses, where donation was expected only from Nobel Prize winners. However, the idea did not work out well.


Which of these crazy stories about famous entrepreneurs surprised you the most?  Comment below and let us know.

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Burt’s Bees Founding Story




Burt’s Bees Founding Story,Startup Stories,Burt's Bees Founder Burt Shavitz,Burt’s Bees Success Story,Burt's Bees Founder Success Story,Burt’s Bees Latest News,Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Story,Burt's Bees Lipstick,Burt’s Bees Brand History

Burt’s Bees is a famous American personal care products company known for using all natural ingredients in its products.  The Company was founded in 1984 in Maine under some unlikely circumstances. Burt’s Bees was founded by Burt Shavitz, a photographer turned beekeeper and Roxanne Quimby, a candle maker. 

Burt Shavitz, whose face has been gracing all Burt’s Bees products since the Company was founded, was a famous photojournalist who had his photographs featured in Time and Life magazines.  Shavitz considered his life unfulfilled in the city of Manhattan and escaped to rural Maine, where he started a honey business.  During this time, Shavitz met Roxanne Quimby, an artist and candle maker. 

The two struck up a partnership to start a candle making business using the beeswax from Burt Shavitz’s honey business.  They started the business with an investment of $ 200 in an abandoned one room schoolhouse. Shavitz and Quimby started selling their beeswax candles at a high school craft fair.  The business flourished and within a year, the duo made a $ 20,000 profit. In 1989, they increased their production after getting a large order from a New York boutique and moved their headquarters to an abandoned bowling alley.

During this time, Quimby came across a 19th century beekeeping book which included homemade personal care recipes using beeswax.  This prompted the Company to change its direction from candle making to personal care products. Burt’s Bees became a legal corporation in 1991 and introduced the most famous product of the Company, Burt’s Bees lip balm.  By 1993, the Company’s main focus was exclusively on personal care products. The Company slowly started expanding to international market and started selling its product in Japan by the late 1990s.

However, during this time, Roxanne Quimby forced Shavitz out of the Company over personal issues.  In 1999, Quimby bought Shavitz’s stake of the Company and offered him a $ 130,000 house in Maine. Quimby went on to sell the Company to the Clorox Corporation in 2007 for $ 925 million. 

Now, after 35 years since its inception, Burt’s Bees is still a popular brand, selling more than 100 products under its name.  The success of Burt’s Bees also made its founders, who were just small business owners earlier, millionaires.

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Michael Dell Unknown Facts




Michael Dell Unknown Facts,Inspiring Facts about Michael Dell, Interesting Facts 2019, Most Interesting Facts, Michael Dell Amazing Facts, Michael Dell Facts, Michael Dell Facts 2019, Michael Dell History and Facts, Michael Dell Latest News, Michael Dell Lesser Known Facts, Michael Dell Success Story, startup stories, Surprising Facts About Michael Dell

Michael Sull Dell, the founder and CEO of Dell Technologies, is a well known businessman and philanthropist.  He is also considered one of the most powerful figures by several magazines. Here are some lesser known facts about Michael Dell.

Unknown facts about Michael Dell

1) Michael Dell, in an effort to enter the business world early, took a high school equivalency exam at the age of 8.

2) Like many self made billionaires, Michael Dell had a humble beginning and worked part time as a dishwasher at a restaurant and sold subscriptions of the Houston Post during his high school days.

3) Michael Dell started his first business when he was 12 and formed a marketing company which offered national stamp auction through mail.  The business was a profitable one, with Dell earning $ 2000 from it.

4) Michael Dell’s very first computer was an Apple II, which he later tore apart in order to see how the inside of the computer worked.

5) Even though Michael Dell is known as a tech giant, he attended college as a pre med student.  While at college, Dell started an informal business and eventually dropped out, after his business became a success.

6) Dell set a new record in the city of Manhattan when he purchased a penthouse at One57 skyscraper for $ 100.47 million.

7) Michael Dell is not just a businessman and philanthropist, but also an author.  Dell collaborated with author Catherine Fredman to write a book Direct from Dell: Strategies that Revolutionized an Industry, which describes Dell’s business journey.

Michael Dell climbed the ladder of success at an early age, with his focus and dedication.  Now worth $ 35 billion, he is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs. 

Which of these facts about Michael Dell did you find interesting?  Comment below and let us know.

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