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The Journey of Red Bull




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Red Bull is a famous energy drink sold by an Austrian company, Red Bull GmbH.  Created in 1987, Red Bull now has the highest market share in the energy drink industry and sells over 6 billion cans worldwide per day.

Red Bull is a modified version of a Thai drink, Krating Daeng, which was created by Thai businessman Chaleo Yoovidhya in 1976.  Born to poor Chinese immigrants from Hainan province, Yoovidhya moved to Bangkok in the 1950s and started working as a pharmaceutical salesman.  He set up his own manufacturing business by 1956, called T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries.  Chaleo Yoovidhya got the idea for an energy drink from a Japanese drink called Lipovitan D, which was quite popular in Thailand.  He worked on a sweeter version of Lipovitan D by modifying its recipe and created Krating Daeng.  However, the energy drink did not see any overnight success in its initial days.  It was Yoovidhya’s incredible business strategies which made the drink gain popularity among the locals. 

Yoovidhya designed the now popular logo of two charging bisons, which brought a lively feeling of a bull fight, which has been quite popular in rural Thailand.  This was a winning formula for Yoovidhya, as the logo helped the locals identify Krating Daeng as a drink, instead of a medicine. The energy drink became quite popular among taxi, tuk tuk, truck and bus drivers and construction workers.

A golden opportunity arrived for Chaleo Yoovidhya when Dietrich Mateschitz, while working for German manufacturer Blendax, travelled to Thailand in 1984.  During his visit, Mateschitz noticed a bottle of Krating Daeng helped to cure his jet lag.  He then met with Chaleo Yoovidhya, formed a partnership with him and founded Red Bull GmbH.  Both Mateschitz and Yoovidhya invested $ 500,000 of their savings to establish the Company. Mateschitz spent a year to change the formulation of the original Thai drink to a version suitable for westerners.  He spent an additional two years perfecting the Company’s marketing and communication strategies. Red Bull finally launched in 1987 in Austrian ski resorts and slowly expanded to other European countries by the end of the 20th century. 

Now, after 32 years of its launch, Red Bull has established itself as one of the most valuable brands in the world.  The popularity of Red Bull made its co founder Dietrich Mateschitz one of the richest people in the world, with a net worth of $ 18 billion.  The success of the energy drink also made Chaleo Yoovidhya the third richest person in Thailand who, at the time of his death in 2012, had a net worth of $ 5 billion.

Red Bull is popular for its innovative marketing strategies and the tagline “Red Bull gives you wings.”  With its presence in 171 countries worldwide, Red Bull is the most famous energy drink in the world.

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Entrepreneur Stories

Wacky Stories About Entrepreneurs




The world of business is quite serious and can seem intriguing at times.  However, there are many people out there who proved entrepreneurs can have some really interesting personalities.  Here is a list of four crazy things famous entrepreneurs have done.

Wacky stories about famous entrepreneurs

1) Nicolas Berggruen

Famous philanthropist and investor Nicolas Berggruen avoided buying a house for years.  He preferred to travel and stay at various hotels all over the world. This unique lifestyle earned him the nickname of “the homeless billionaire.”  However, Berggruen decided to settle down and bought a house worth $ 40 million in 2017.

2) Yoshiro Nakamatsu

This Japanese inventor is credited for inventing many things like the floppy disk, jumping shoes with leaf springs and a wig for self defense.  He has more than 3,357 inventions to his name. In many interviews, Nakamatsu said underwater diving gives him the best ideas. He also claims to get best ideas when he spends time in his “calm room” made up of 24 karat gold.  Nakamatsu also predicts he would live till the age of 144.

3) Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the brilliant mind behind the famous Apple Inc., was also a bit eccentric.  He was known to be a perfectionist, however, he did many things which are considered crazy.  He would soak his feet in toilets in order to relieve stress. At one point, he ate so many carrots, his skin turned orange.  He also stopped taking showers after starting a meat free diet, as he believed the diet would help his body not to produce any body odor.

4) Robert Graham

The American entrepreneur, known for developing shatterproof plastic eyeglass lenses, was also an eccentric person.  He reportedly opened a sperm bank for geniuses, where donation was expected only from Nobel Prize winners. However, the idea did not work out well.


Which of these crazy stories about famous entrepreneurs surprised you the most?  Comment below and let us know.

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Yakult Unknown Facts




Yakult Unknown Facts,Inspiring Facts about Yakult, Interesting Facts 2019, Yakult Amazing Facts, Yakult Facts, Yakult Facts 2019, Yakult History and Facts,Yakult Lesser Known Facts, Yakult Success Story,Most Interesting Facts, startup stories, Surprising Facts About Yakult

Yakult, the famous Japanese probiotic drink, is the perfect example of how an invention turned into a commercial success.  Invented in 1936 by microbiologist Minoru Shirota, the product has gained popularity worldwide. The product is sold by Tokyo based Yakult Honsha, which is known for its innovative marketing ideas.  The Company is now worth $ 10 billion, making it one of the biggest food companies in the world.  Here are some unknown facts about Yakult.

Unknown facts about Yakult

1) The meaning of Yakult is yogurt.  The word is derived from the word ‘jahurto,’ which means yogurt in Esperanto, a language created by L.L. Zamenhof in 1887.

2) Despite being a famous and successful brand, the bottle of Yakult is intentionally kept small by the Company.  According to the Company, the reason behind such a small bottle size is, the drink is meant to be consumed immediately and not be stored for a long time.

3) Yakult Honsha employs women known as “Yakult Aunties,” who go from door to door, selling the Company’s products.  As women channel natural empathy towards family, the Company prefers marketing their products this way, despite having means to other marketing strategies.

4) Apart from health drinks, Yakult Honsha also sells instant noodles, pharmaceuticals and beauty products, all of which are meant to fight cancer cells.

5) Yakult is available in the same flavor in every country except one.  People in Singapore have access to three kinds of flavors—grape, apple and orange.  Moreover, the size of the Yakult bottle also changes in different countries.

6) Yakult manufactures a moisturizer called Yakult PARABIO AC Moisturizing Cream, which is priced at $ 1,000 per bottle.

7) There are various types of Yakult sold exclusively in Japan, each meant for a different organ of the body.  The Company’s Joie drink is intended to keep the large intestine healthy, while the regular version of Yakult is meant for protecting the small intestine. 

Which of these unknown facts about Yakult surprised you the most?  Comment below and let us know.

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Lesser Known Facts About Burt Shavitz




Lesser Known Facts About Burt Shavitz,Startup Stories,Inspiring Facts about Burt Shavitz, Interesting Facts 2019, Most Interesting Facts, Real history of Burt Shavitz,Surprising Facts About Burt Shavitz, Burt Shavitz Amazing Facts, Burt Shavitz Facts, Burt Shavitz Facts 2019, Burt Shavitz Interesting Facts, Burt Shavitz Success Story

Burt Shavitz is the co founder of the famous American personal care brand Burt’s Bees.  Known as the world’s most famous beekeeper, his face has been gracing every product of the Company since its inception.  Here are some lesser known facts about Burt Shavitz.

Lesser known facts about Burt Shavitz

1) As a child, Burt Shavitz once cycled 100 miles from his parents’ home at Great Neck, N.Y., to Montauk Point and used jails as a way of accomodation.  According to Shavitz, the idea of spending the nights in jails was his mother’s. The police would always inform his mother about his whereabouts and with her permission, let Shavitz spend the night on a prison bench.

2) Shavitz was a famous photographer in Manhattan, but abruptly left the city life and moved to Maine.  Here he lived as a self described “high-class hobo” and did odd jobs to make a living.

3) Shavitz eventually started beekeeping after accidentally stumbling upon a beehive in the woods.  At one point, he had 26 beehives and called them Burt’s bees.

4) Despite being a millionaire, Shavitz preferred to live as a recluse on his 40 acre farm in Maine.

5) He had a simple lifestyle and lived in a farmhouse which did not have any electricity.  He did not have any clocks around his house and scheduled his days around the sun. He would get up at daybreak and sleep when it was too dark to read.

6) Despite being a recluse, Shavitz was an international celebrity and would go on foreign trips where he would be greeted by screaming fans wearing bee costumes.

7) While Shavitz remained unlisted in the phone book, his two golden retrievers Rufus and Pascha had their names listed.  His dogs were his only companions in life and Rufus passed away in Shavitz’s arms. Shavitz would Skype with Pascha during his international trips.

8) He met his future business partner, Roxanne Quimby on the roadside when Quimby was hitchhiking. 

Which of these unknown facts about Burt Shavitz surprised you the most?  Comment below and let us know.

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