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Thomas Edison Unknown Facts




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Thomas Alva Edison is considered one of the greatest inventors of the world.  From the invention of light bulbs, to developing devices capable of recording sound, this renowned scientist has done it all.  Let’s look at some unknown facts about Thomas Alva Edison.


Unknown facts about Thomas Alva Edison 

1) As a child, Edison had an unusually broad forehead and a head which was considered larger than an average human’s.

2) He did not have any formal education as a child.  As a hyperactive child, Edison’s teachers were not able to handle him properly, which led his mother to remove him from school and tutor him at home until the age of 11.


3) As an avid fan of Shakespeare, Edison once wanted to be an actor, however, he soon gave up on the idea because of his extreme shyness in front of crowds.

4)Edison published his own newspaper, the Grand Trunk Herald, at the age of 13.  He used to publish up to date stories and the newspaper soon became a hit.


5) Edison once made a device which could kill cockroaches using electricity.

6) One of his biggest failures as an inventor was when he tried to invent a device to separate ore from rock and lost millions in the process.


7) Two of Edison’s children were nicknamed “Dot” and “Dash,” in honour of his telegraph days. 

8) He used over 2,500 books to keep a record of his progress on thousands of inventions.


With more than 512 patents under his name, Thomas Alva Edison was also the first scientist to employ a team of researchers under him.  A scientist turned entrepreneur, Edison is an inspiration to many scientists.


Which fact about Thomas Alva Edison surprised you the most?  Comment below and let us know.

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Emerging Startup Stories

Pickkup – This Hyper-Local On Demand Service Startup Delivers Anything Anytime Anywhere




Pickkup - This Hyper-Local On Demand Service Startup Delivers Anything Anytime Anywhere

India has witnessed a shift in consumer dynamics with the introduction of startups which provide hyper local and on demand services.  These startups are able to provide users with the option to purchase anything and everything, except for prohibited items in and around their homes.  This eliminated the need for the user to venture out of their homes and instead get whatever they need delivered to their doorstep.  

Hyper local delivery startups have seen a huge surge in demand in the last few months with most of the demand coming from tier 1 metropolitan cities.  Pickkup is one such hyper local delivery startup which operates in Hyderabad.  Pickkup takes pride in their motto that they can deliver anything, anytime and anywhere in the city.  The unique selling proposition (USP) of Pickkup is they are the only hyper local service providers to offer long range delivery services in Hyderabad which can range up to 40 kilometers.

Pickkup offers a host of services all under one roof which can be accessed on their mobile application.  A user can choose to get groceries delivered to their home, or order meat, or send packages across the city from one location to another and also access pet stores.  All these services are taken care of by a fleet of reliable delivery partners.  Pickkup assures all orders are treated with utmost priority and safety and their delivery partners will move the orders quickly.  The simple user interface on the Pickkup mobile application ensures a hassle free order placing process.

However one of the most appealing features Pickkup provides is the facility to book a personal assistant.  The personal assistant feature allows a user to book an assistant who would help you assist in doing chores.  For example,if you are moving to a new home, a personal assistant will assist you with rearranging your furniture and goods.  If you need to send out 3 couriers to different locations in the city, the personal assistant will deliver them for you instead of you placing three different orders for each courier delivery with a logistic service provider.  Other features include using the assistant to drive you around in their vehicle, or using them for banking works.  The personal assistant feature cannot however be used to do manual labour.  The billing is done according to the number of hours the personal assistant service used. 

Pickkup has already managed to satisfy their clients and has an average delivery time of 45 minutes.  With many companies declaring work from home for the foreseeable future, Pickkup will no doubt see a surge in demand in the coming days.


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Entrepreneur Stories

Top 10 Brands Owned By Tata Group




Top 10 Brands Owned By Tata Group

Tata Group is another of India’s oldest brands which was founded in 1868 by Jamsetji Tata.  Tata Group began as a trading company and has since then diversified into almost every major industry.  The Tata group has a rich history of having dealt in almost every major industry which includes software as well as heavy machinery.  Tata Group is one of the largest employers in the world and currently employs more than 7,00,000 people across the world.  Over the years, Tata Group has meticulously committed itself to delivering high quality goods and services and the Tata brand is now synonymous with sturdiness and high quality.

Let us have a look at the top ten brands owned by Tata Group.

1) Tata Steel

Tata Steel is the second largest steel company in India, next only to the state owned Steel Authority Of India (SAIL.)  Tata Steel operates in 26 countries with key operations in India, Netherlands and United Kingdom and employs around 80,500 people.

2) Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an Information Technology (IT) servicing and consulting company  and operates in 149 locations across 46 countries.  In 2015, TCS was ranked 64th overall in the Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies ranking.  

3)  Tata Power

Tata Power is a company which generates, transmits and distributes power in India.  Tata Power has an installed electricity generation capacity of 10,577 MW, it is India’s largest integrated power company.

4)  Tata Motors

One of India’s largest automakers, Tata Motors products include passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, sports cars, construction equipment and military vehicles.  

5) Jaguar  Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover Limited is a subsidiary of Tata Motors and is the luxury car maker brand of the Tata Group.  Jaguar Land Rover has been a subsidiary of Tata Motors since they acquired Jaguar Cars Limited and Land Rover from Ford in 2008. 

ALSO READ: Top Ten Long Standing Indian Brands

6) Titan

Titan is a consumer brand which mainly focuses on manufacturing watches, eyewear and jewellery.  It commenced operations in 1984 under the name Titan Watches Limited.  In 1994, Titan diversified into jewellery with Tanishq and subsequently into eyewear with Titan Eyeplus.  Titan has built a reputation as a reliable Indian watchmaker and their products are popular with the Indian masses.

7) Voltas

Voltas is a home appliances company which specializes in air conditioning and cooling technologies.  The company was incorporated on 6 September 1954 in Mumbai.  It was a collaboration between Tata Sons and Volkart Brothers.

8) Vistara

Vistara is an Indian airline service which is a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines.  The airline had carried more than two million passengers by June 2016 and as of May 2019, has a 4.7% share of the domestic carrier market, making it the 6th largest domestic airline.

9) Taj Hotels

Taj Hotels is a chain of luxury hotels and a subsidiary of the Indian Hotels Company Limited, which is a subsidiary of Tata Group.  The company operates a total of 100 hotels and hotel-resorts, with 84 across India and 16 in other countries, including Bhutan, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, UAE, Taj Hotels UK, USA and Zambia.

10) Tata Sky

Tata Sky is an Indian satellite broadcast provider and is a joint venture between the Tata Group and The Walt Disney Company with Temasek Holdings as a minor partner.  Tata Sky currently offers a total of 601 channels, 495 standard definition channels and 99 high definition channels and services, along with other many active services.

Let us know if we have missed any other famous Tata Group brands and we would cover them in another article!

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Entrepreneur Stories

5 Cricketers Who Are Entrepreneurs




5 Cricketers Who Are Entrepreneurs

Cricket as a sport in India commands an unrivaled attention almost bordering on zealous love.  It is often compared as a religion and the cricketers often metaphorically referred to as gods.  No other sport comes close to the kind of coverage cricket has in India and it is easy to find small cricket matches going on in the dusty lanes which brings together people of all ages.  The sport brings together people regardless of their circumstances.  

India always produced some outstanding cricketers and boasts about names like Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, M.S. Dhoni and Virat Kohli to name a few.  While these cricketers are legends in their own rights at the game of cricket, they have conquered the 22 yards pitch, not many might know they are equally able entrepreneurs.

Let us have a look at five cricketers who are also entrepreneurs.

1) Sachin Tendulkar

Often referred to as the ‘God Of Cricket,’ Sachin Tendulkar is arguably the best batsman of this generation, to have walked on this planet.  While Sachin had conquered many records on the field, he has also established a career outside of cricket since his retirement from the game.  Sachin has investments in several brands and is one of the main investors in Smartron, a technology based company.  His other investments include brands like Musafir, Smaaash Entertainment, and owns a string of restaurants to his name. Sachin is also the co owner of Kochi Indian Super League (ISL) franchise Kerala Blasters FC.

2) M.S. Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni or ‘Captain Cool’ as he is referred to by his fans, Dhoni is responsible for winning the Cricket World Cups in both the fifty overs and T20 formats.  Mahendra Singh Dhoni stepped into the world of business, by buying a Supersport World Championship team, Mahi Racing Team India, which is co owned by Akkineni Nagarjuna.  Dhoni is also the co owner of Chennaiyin FC with Abhishek Bachchan in ISL and also owns Ranchi Rays in Hockey India League with Sahara India Pariwar.  Dhoni also launched a lifestyle brand, ZEVEN, and owns the footwear section of the Brand. Recently, he joined hands with the app Run Adams by buying 25% stake in the startup.  

3) Virat kohli

Virat Kohli is the current captain of the Indian Cricket Team and is one of the best players of the current generation.  Virat is also one of the world’s most famous sports persons along with the likes of Leo Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer and LeBron James.  Virat is an astute businessman apart from being the captain of the cricket team.  His first business investment was for FC Goa in ISL, where he co owned the football team franchise with a vision to grow football in India.  He also launched the youth fashion brand Wrogn with Anjana Reddy to produce casual wear for Men and tied up with Myntra Fashion, as well as Shopper Stop to promote the brand.  Kohli also holds shares in the London based Tech Startup, Sport Convo, which is a social networking site for sports lovers to talk about their favourite stars.  His urge to make India fit, drove him to create the fitness brand Chisel, in association with Franchise India. Chisel is a chain of Gym and Fitness centres spread across various regions of the country.

4) Virender Sehwag

Often referred to as the ‘Nawab Of Najafgarh,’  Virender Sehwag was the bane of bowlers across the world because of his daredevil batting techniques.  Sehwag owns a restaurant in Delhi’s Moti Nagar since 2006 and is named as ‘Sehwag’s Favourites.’  He started a school, Sehwag International School in Jhajjar, Haryana.  It has world class facilities that aim at a 360 degree development of students.  They are rated as one of the best schools of India with a sports academy, where Sehwag coaches kids personally, during his off time.

5) Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is best remembered for smashing six sixes in a single over against England and used to entertain fans thoroughly with his batting and fielding skills.  The former Indian cricketer, owns a sports based e commerce store including investments in Vyomo, Moovo, Black With Orange, Cartisan, Heathians, Educart and Sportybeans.  Other than that, Yuvi has also started YouWeCan, a startup which has helped hundreds of cancer patients battle their ordeal. Yuvraj was himself a cancer survivor and beat the disease successfully in the past.  


These cricketers have won multiple accolades for India on the international stage and have also shined in their personal lives by setting examples.  Let us know if any other cricketers should also deserve a mention in this list!

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