Google is reportedly testing a new app in the Philippines that aims to save mobile data from being wasted unnecessarily. Dubbed as Triangle, the app is designed mainly for those regions where data cap is still prevalent and optimum data utilization is essential. TechCrunch reported that Google had started working on the App in April, although they did not make a formal announcement.

The app provides a quick an easy way for users to check their mobile data balance. According to Google, the latest app will check your current data usage and block unwanted data usage by checking your data cap and data balance. The app also allows users to take control of their data usage and customize specific apps to use data for 10 or 30 minutes at a time, or always.

The app hoped to be released to a wider audience soon also promises to give 100 MB data as a welcome gift after registration to all Philippine users. The app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, also allows Globe and Smart prepaid users to download and try new apps without the risk of running out of data.

In 2015, Google had also launched Data Saver Mode for Chrome which, the company claims, can save up to 70% of mobile data while browsing. Users can avail this option on Chrome desktops and Chrome Operating systems.

A company representative of the search giant only offered a single statement regarding this newest app saying that they are conducting tests only in the Philippines in an attempt to help users better manage their data. They currently do not have any other announcements.

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