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How is Jenga Similar To Entrepreneurship



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Leslie Scott was 11 years old and living in Africa when her parents got some wooden blocks home for her to play. She used those building blocks to create the now world famous game Jenga and launched it at the London Toy Fair in 1963. A 16 year old entrepreneur was born.

In many ways, playing a game is like starting and running a business, which in turn is like embarking on a solo journey down a swiftly flowing river,” – Leslie Scott
Now that we know how Jenga came to be, let’s take a look at why Jenga represents the life of an entrepreneur!

Jenga means ‘build’ in Swahili. That is exactly what an entrepreneur tries to do – build a company. It is the slow process of stacking blocks, three across and building upwards. This is the foundation of the startup, the pre production stage of gathering all the essentials, drawing a blueprint and building the company. It takes a lot of courage to build something and to build something that is strong and will hold the weight of every hurdle thrown its way.

The next step in Jenga is to carefully remove a piece from the structure and place it on the top to increase the height of the tower. Every strategy ever used in a game of Jenga is to remove those bricks that are easy to move and won’t make the tower fall. It takes careful deliberation and analysis of the stack to remove one lonesome brick and only when you are sure of the block will you even attempt removing it. An entrepreneur’s next step is building the brand of the company and launching the product or service. Carefully analyzing the environment and choosing the best time and the right media to launch your services and build your brand name is an essential part of the growing process. It requires just the right amount of opportunistic risk taking to remove that one perfect brick and place it on top.
Once the first brick is placed, it’s all about making sure you don’t become over confident leading to a complete collapse. Launching a company is the easy part. Maintaining the name and building steam is where the real problems lie. Slowly, none of the easily movable bricks will remain and the stakes will get higher. This is that stage where everyone gets more cautious because one false move and the entire tower comes crashing down. But it is also important to remember that unless some bold risks are taken, there won’t be any growth or development in the company. The higher the tower, the bigger the risks.

It takes calculated risks, opportunism, courage and the occasional luck to win a game of Jenga and build a successful business. But one thing is for sure, building an empire takes a lot of hard work, strategy, concentration and determination. But, unlike Jenga, you don’t have to stick to certain rules and regulations to develop your startup. Use any tool or strategy available to deal with any hurdles, beat the odds and grow to become a Unicorn.

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Ways Facebook Messenger Is More Than Just A Texting App



5 Ways Facebook Messenger,Texting App,Startup Stories,Latest Technology News 2019,Facebook Messenger App,Facebook Messenger Service,Facebook Messenger Latest Features,Facebook Messenger New Features,Facebook Texting App

Social media giant Facebook’s messaging app, Facebook Messenger, is being so widely used, it is quickly becoming as popular as Facebook itself. While the app may have started off as a stand alone messaging service, the Facebook team clearly has a lot more plans for the app. Apart from texting and video calling people, here are some cool things the messaging service does!

1. Create stories

While Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat requires you to create stories directly through the app, Facebook Messenger lets you create stories through the messenger service. Available for 24 hours, you can change your settings to let more than just one person view the story! Try this now, if you haven’t already.

2. Use augmented reality to shop

If you can’t find enough places to shop at or if you are too lazy to switch through apps while shopping, then worry no more. Facebook Messenger is now using Augmented Reality to help you shop better and faster. To make things better, you can take pictures of what you want (like a sneaker or lipstick) and see how they look on you before you place the order. In fact, brands like Nike and Sephora are already on board, making shopping an extremely easy task!

3. Encrypted chats

Did you know  WhatsApp is not the only messaging service which provides encrypted chats? Facebook Messenger also has a service now which lets you have encrypted chats  which cannot be decoded, come what may. All you have to do is to click on the “Secret” tab located on the top right corner. To make sure your chats are safe and record free, set a time period for when you want the messages to disappear . Using the end to end encryption service, Facebook Messenger makes sure even your government cannot read or track your chats!

4. Use it as a money transfer system

If you do not want to use apps like PayPal and PayTm to send or receive money, then it is time to move over to Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is go to the settings and connect your credit card with the app. To transfer money, tap on the name of the person to whom you want to send the money  and just hit the bottom left button. Life made easy or what?

5. Unsend messages

One of Facebook Messenger’s latest features, the unsend message button, is now here! The unsend feature lets you delete messages within ten minutes of sending them. Unfortunately, Facebook Messenger isn’t at the point where it can hide the fact that you deleted a message. Just like with WhatsApp, the other person will get a notification saying you have deleted the message. Let’s admit it. We all wanted this feature and now that it is here, you can’t stop using it.

If you haven’t tried these features yet, the time to do it is now!
P.S., if you know other features of which we do not, comment and let us know!

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How Technology Is Changing The PR World



How Technology Is Changing The PR World,Startup Stories,Latest Technology News 2019,Technology and PR,Public Relations Trends in 2019,PR World,New World of Marketing,Voice Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Smarter bots,4 PR Trends

Like it or not, technology is changing pretty much every part of the world, including the field of Public Relations. Here are five trends which are majorly impacting the PR world right now:

1. Voice Marketing

Till a few years ago, voice marketing was quite an unknown field. With the introduction of Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home automation services, voice marketing has picked up drastically in the past few years. The more these devices are becoming a common affair, the more marketing agencies are trying to use them as leverage. While SouthEast Asia is still trying to catch on to this trend, many brands are now moving to a voice first approach!

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is quite certainly making its presence felt in the world. It comes as no surprise that even the world of PR Is being taken over by this revolution. Very soon, machines will not only be able to understand public sentiment in real time by leveraging millions of gigabytes of data, it will also be able to write natural and insightful copy. Talk about a giant leap forward.

3. Smarter bots

Companies are slowly but surely moving toward bots which are able to converse with customers in a way which not only answers questions, but engages customers as well. By using bots which can have more than just  basic conversations, companies are increasing their communication with customers and are ensuring that they keep them satisfied.

4. Making data a leading force now

This new world of marketing is all about using data and information to promote their business. With technology entering every major field, the world of PR has become streamlined in the sense that marketing is now a much simpler process.

With so many advances in the world of PR, it comes as no surprise that these new trends are making PR great. If you think we missed out on any other trends like these, comment and let us know!

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How To

How To Streamline Your Work Through Crisis Management



How To Streamline Your Work,Work Through Crisis Management,Startup Stories,Stressful Work,Streamline Your Everyday Work,Streamline Crisis Management,Workplace Tips 2019,Streamline Work,Streamline Workflow Process,Steps To Streamline Work Process,Improving Workflow Efficiency

In the very basic sense of the term, crisis management is defined as the process by which a company handles a stressful work situation. In order to streamline your everyday working process and to reduce the amount of pressure on your crisis management team, here are a few tips you could follow!

1. Have a plan

While the steps to solve every problem may not be the same, the principle around the solution follows similar guidelines. In order to be on top of at least the basic steps, it is important to always have a plan in hand. The moment you have the basic outline ready, filling in the details isn’t that hard. Remember when you were a kid and you were taught to colour only on the outside and then start inside? This plan works really well for your solving critical situations as well!

2. Let your employees know about the situation

Sometimes, when you are neck deep in problems, it is important to keep the door open to as much help as you can get. Let your employees know what’s happening and keep them informed about the seriousness of the issue. There are two advantages to this. Not only are you being open and clear as a manager, you are also letting in new ideas about how to solve the problem. Talk about a win win situation!

3. Communicate the action which needs to be taken

In extremely critical situations, it is important for you, as a leader, to take complete charge. This is not really a plan but an important step in the process of solving the problem. Give direct orders to those who can get things done and make sure you delegate as much as possible. Avoid leaving things open ended and have your pointers mentioned directly.

4. Create a crisis management team

One of the best ways to deal with a crisis situation head on is by creating a crisis management team. With senior executives, business leads and your public relations team, your crisis management team should include every member who is equipped with the skills to solve a problem from the very word go. Once you get your team in place, you can start working on delegating and then turn your attention to more pressing matters.

5. Be accessible

When in a situation which needs your attention completely, it is important to let your employees know you are available no matter what. Sometimes, even though you have given direct orders, people are faced with sudden questions and it is your job to get everything clarified. Have all your documents open and accessible so people know, even at times like this, you care most about honesty.

Solving a crisis takes time and effort. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work and when you have all your employees together, you know you’ll come out bright and shining. If you think we missed out on any other ways to solve a critical situation, comment and let us know!

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