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How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Ramya GovindRaj



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Websites drove the evolution of the world wide web bringing in the era of the Internet. They provide the easiest means for companies and organizations to spread awareness, give information and reach a bigger audience. However, just having a website is not enough. Websites, like everything, else require a lot of work to bring in the required views and reach the right audiences.

While it is easy to pay Google to drive traffic to your websites, organic traffic indicates your website is successful in driving business by itself and is easily accessible. In order to increase your organic traffic, here are some tips to increase the traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization
This may probably be the most obvious solution to increase traffic to your website. High quality content combined with proper meta description, tags and optimized keywords will help improve the rank of your website, which results in getting more attention.

Guest Blogs
Ask people working in the same industry or a related industry to write guest blogs for your website. Guest blogs have a considerable reach, thereby generate heavy traffic numbers.

Social Media
One of the easiest means to drive in traffic is by using the power of social media. Use social media platforms to reach a wider set of audiences all over the world. Each social media platform offers its own unique set of features which can be used strategically to increase the overall views of your website.

Syndicate your website
Exchange your posts with other sites to drive new audiences and new customers. Syndicate your website with sites in a similar situation in terms of size and audience. Each site can then take turns to feature each other’s blogs that are linked back to the site.

Relatable content
Relatable and fun pieces of content like quizzes work really well in driving engagement to any website. Relatable content can also be easily promoted on social media to further drive up engagement.

Landing Pages
A lead capture page or a landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. Landing pages for specific offers such as discount codes, free guides or starting a free trial with all the specific details users need in order to move forward is another source to drive up traffic.

Keywords are a major part of the search engine optimization, short tail keywords along with long tail keywords give you a better chance of ranking higher. Long tail keywords refer to sentences and phrases used by people to search for information on search engines. This could include complete questions such as ‘How to increase traffic to your website?’

Track your analytics using Google Analytics and Alexa to understand your audience better. Track your demographics and geographics to write better and tailored content. Analytics will help you formulate a plan and come up with topics that readers like and what they want to read.

Catchy Headlines
A headline is one of the most important elements of your content. Compelling headlines, not just click bait headlines, will get in audiences that are interested in your content. Good headlines will help in increasing the curiosity of the readers, compelling them to read more.

Website speed
Website speed refers to the time it takes for any website to load on a computer, laptop or smartphone. A fast site will also get more organic traffic because the search engines are able to crawl your site faster and find more content.

Get Listed
Get listed in online directories and review sites and actively update these listings. Backlink your website on these sites to reach new audiences. Listings will help you in sharing your website to a plethora of diverse people.

Engage with your audience on your website via comments or polls. Encourage discussions on your website and join in on the conversations in the comments section. Reply to any person who leaves a comment, agree or disagree with their idea and get a discussion going. Higher engagement results in more people getting interested in your content.

Add internal links
While creating and publishing your content, internally hyperlink your previous articles to increase your daily views. This helps not only with search engine optimization but with also create a more useful experience for the user.

Don’t neglect email marketing. While digital media is an important tool to reach a bigger audience, do not forget about the traditional methods of marketing. Newsletters are an easy way to engage your audience who may be too busy to visit your website during the day.

Keep your competition close
Keep a track of the strategies the competitor websites are using and how they are driving in traffic to their site. Competitor information will help you formulate better strategies and maintain a list of the topics that are resonating with the readers.

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1 Comment

  1. BookyourCars

    February 10, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    Great tips and it helped me to follow few tricks to increase my website viewers. Thanks for the valuable information..

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How To

Time Management Tips For Marketers



Time Management Tips For Marketers,Startup Stories,Startup News India,Inspiring Startup Story,Time Management Tips,Time Management Strategies For Marketers,Better Time Management Tips For Digital Marketers

As a marketing manager, you perform numerous duties and have many responsibilities in a single day. Managing time effectively plays a crucial role in shaping your days and weeks as a whole. Time is money and money is something that can’t be ignored.

We only get 24 hours a day. So, maximizing every second is crucial especially for entrepreneurs who are busy scaling growth for their businesses. You may not realize how much time is consumed while setting up meetings, calling up the customers and keeping a track of them back and forth.

Here’s a list of some fantastic tips about how to prioritize things and then schedule them into your day!

Begin With Goal Setting!

The first and the foremost step to start off with is to set a proper goal. To increase sales for instance, find out where your customers and prospects are and how your business can benefit.

Set a goal regarding when and what needs to be done accordingly. Then define these goals in terms of the activities necessary to achieve within a time limit. Begin with calling your prospects, but be very careful whether that time suits your schedule or theirs?. If you’re not calling potential customers when it’s convenient for them, you’re not effectively managing your day!

So, set clear sales and income goals in order to reach your daily required targets!

Do Not Multi Task!

There are so many misconceptions people have regarding the ability to be able to do multiple things at one time. Go hour by hour with your tasks!

Start with your most important task. This will give you a visual picture of your upcoming day and allow you to get back on track.You could also choose an online tool based on where most of your customers and prospects are. This way reaching your daily marketing targets get easier and faster!

Just work on one task at a time, cross it off your list, and then move onto the next task.

Prioritize your activities and focus on one thing at a time to maximize your productivity.  

Avoid Distractions!

When you lose your focus at work, it can take you twice as long to back into the path. So, you need to make sure you avoid distractions. We often leave our email and social media profiles open all day, checking them multiple times per hour. This disrupts our train of thought, leading to even more time lost while we get back on track. While dealing with your customers and prospects one thing you could do is shut down irrelevant apps on your phone and computer!

Begin to pay attention when you find yourself most distracted.

The 80/20 Rule

If you are a marketer, 100% of your sales and targets are generated by the number of minutes you spend concentrating on them! The 80/20 Rule helps you allocate your time effortlessly and effectively.

Here’s how this rule works!

Everyday, you have different tasks that needs to be completed and each of these hold different level of significance. All you have to do is segregate your tasks in two basic categories.

The first category lists all significant tasks which require strategic thinking and the approach to move your project forward.

The second category contains the tasks and activities that just have to be done. Now the first category is your 20% and second is the 80%. You should make sure you invest more time in the 20% category and not in the latter. So, moving ahead with your tasks you need to ask yourself whether the task falls under 20% category or the 80% category! This rule is pretty well known among the managers as it helps you to prioritize and implement the necessary from the chaff, accordingly!

Do you struggle with time management in trying to set things right in business? These tips may not add hours to your days but they can help you make the most of the time you’ve got! For more tips and hacks to manage your time better, visit – ClickTime


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How To Create An Outstanding Company Culture For Your Startup



How To Create An Outstanding Company Culture,Company Culture For Your Startup,Company Culture,Featured,startup culture,startup stories,values and codes of company,Great Startup Culture,Startup Culture Ideas,Entrepreneur Stories 2018

Company culture is the collective behaviour of all the team members. Having a good company culture is quite important to keep up with the momentum of the work. It is all about supporting people who share the same mission and values with regard to the company. Why is it necessary to have a set company culture? Because a work place culture can make or break your company!

Startups often face challenges in building a culture that is in sync with the company’s codes, rules and ethics. A culture should be designed in such a way that it leads the company to its stated end goals. A productive culture should be attained in the very beginning itself. This way when the company grows, it would be easier to follow through with the same culture and values.

The key to a good office culture is to set a firm chain of command and control of tasks. Apart from that, it is important to establish clear, honest and open communication. Knowing how to share opinions, challenges, discussions and mutually agreeing to a solution is essential. If at all there are any differences then you must be able to resolve the issue. As your company grows it becomes even more important to create the right culture as it could directly have an impact on the productivity of the individuals. Lack of employee motivation could also developed due to poor startup culture. So, create a fruitful culture that not only promotes good sportsmanship in business, but also keeps the team motivated to complete their tasks. Also, treating all the employees equally helps in keeping up with the culture of the startup. If you treat your workers right, you’ll figure out how to prevent them from going to other companies. If the employees are happy, they are not looking for other jobs!

Here’s how you can create an outstanding company culture,

  • Define the company’s ethical values and codes
  • Hire smart employees
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Treat employees equally  

At last you should be constantly reviewing your company’s culture. Culture may vary from company to company so, concentrate more toward creating an effective and a healthy culture from the very beginning!


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How To

What Makes A Leader Stand Out?

Smruthi Kishore



What Makes A Leader Stand Out?,Startup Stories,Best Motivational Stories,Inspiring Startup Story,how to stand out as leader at work,Stand out Leadership,3 Ways to Stand Out as a Leader,Great Leaders Stand Out,3 Strategies to Stand Out as a Leader

What makes a leader stand out? What makes some people say exactly what you want, but in a way which makes others listen? Influential leaders stand out because they have one difference as compared to other people: the X Factor. There are several ways one can become noticed as a great leader. However, if you’re still having trouble understanding the nuances that go into becoming a force to be reckoned with, then these points might just help!

1. Empathy 

Listening is a tool not many have. The more you listen, the more you understand what’s happening around you. As a leader, if you miss cues of your team and don’t understand the issues faced by your team, then you cannot rise above the ordinary and become great. Be empathetic, listen to other people and keep your eyes and ears open at all times! Who knows? Major controversies can be solved by being a good listener!

2. Know what you’re talking about 

There are some leaders who just talk about things without realising what they are saying. Always be aware of what you’re saying because at the wrong time, your credibility will get questioned. Build a track record with your good deeds, rather than the bad. A side note here; Steve Jobs may have been questioned for his leadership skills, but never for the weight of his words.

3. Situational agility 

Every client, every situation and every field is different. While some want hard facts, others like their news with a cherry on top. The same goes for the people you lead at work. Some prefer the bandage to be ripped off instantly while others like the good news first and then the bad. As a leader, figuring out the kind of person you’re dealing with helps in creating a positive flow of communication, there by increasing the productivity of the work.

As a leader, if you want to stand out, let it be the voice which guides you to the path of success. P.S., If you have difficult leaders, feel free to show them this article!

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