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How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Ramya GovindRaj



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Websites drove the evolution of the world wide web bringing in the era of the Internet. They provide the easiest means for companies and organizations to spread awareness, give information and reach a bigger audience. However, just having a website is not enough. Websites, like everything, else require a lot of work to bring in the required views and reach the right audiences.

While it is easy to pay Google to drive traffic to your websites, organic traffic indicates your website is successful in driving business by itself and is easily accessible. In order to increase your organic traffic, here are some tips to increase the traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization
This may probably be the most obvious solution to increase traffic to your website. High quality content combined with proper meta description, tags and optimized keywords will help improve the rank of your website, which results in getting more attention.

Guest Blogs
Ask people working in the same industry or a related industry to write guest blogs for your website. Guest blogs have a considerable reach, thereby generate heavy traffic numbers.

Social Media
One of the easiest means to drive in traffic is by using the power of social media. Use social media platforms to reach a wider set of audiences all over the world. Each social media platform offers its own unique set of features which can be used strategically to increase the overall views of your website.

Syndicate your website
Exchange your posts with other sites to drive new audiences and new customers. Syndicate your website with sites in a similar situation in terms of size and audience. Each site can then take turns to feature each other’s blogs that are linked back to the site.

Relatable content
Relatable and fun pieces of content like quizzes work really well in driving engagement to any website. Relatable content can also be easily promoted on social media to further drive up engagement.

Landing Pages
A lead capture page or a landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. Landing pages for specific offers such as discount codes, free guides or starting a free trial with all the specific details users need in order to move forward is another source to drive up traffic.

Keywords are a major part of the search engine optimization, short tail keywords along with long tail keywords give you a better chance of ranking higher. Long tail keywords refer to sentences and phrases used by people to search for information on search engines. This could include complete questions such as ‘How to increase traffic to your website?’

Track your analytics using Google Analytics and Alexa to understand your audience better. Track your demographics and geographics to write better and tailored content. Analytics will help you formulate a plan and come up with topics that readers like and what they want to read.

Catchy Headlines
A headline is one of the most important elements of your content. Compelling headlines, not just click bait headlines, will get in audiences that are interested in your content. Good headlines will help in increasing the curiosity of the readers, compelling them to read more.

Website speed
Website speed refers to the time it takes for any website to load on a computer, laptop or smartphone. A fast site will also get more organic traffic because the search engines are able to crawl your site faster and find more content.

Get Listed
Get listed in online directories and review sites and actively update these listings. Backlink your website on these sites to reach new audiences. Listings will help you in sharing your website to a plethora of diverse people.

Engage with your audience on your website via comments or polls. Encourage discussions on your website and join in on the conversations in the comments section. Reply to any person who leaves a comment, agree or disagree with their idea and get a discussion going. Higher engagement results in more people getting interested in your content.

Add internal links
While creating and publishing your content, internally hyperlink your previous articles to increase your daily views. This helps not only with search engine optimization but with also create a more useful experience for the user.

Don’t neglect email marketing. While digital media is an important tool to reach a bigger audience, do not forget about the traditional methods of marketing. Newsletters are an easy way to engage your audience who may be too busy to visit your website during the day.

Keep your competition close
Keep a track of the strategies the competitor websites are using and how they are driving in traffic to their site. Competitor information will help you formulate better strategies and maintain a list of the topics that are resonating with the readers.

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1 Comment

  1. BookyourCars

    February 10, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    Great tips and it helped me to follow few tricks to increase my website viewers. Thanks for the valuable information..

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How To

Women And Work Life Balance

Startup Admin



As a woman, growing comes with its pitfalls, its struggles and its unrealistic expectations. As a woman in a competitive work environment, not everyone has the option of being successful and having a comfortable home environment. If you are tired all the time, unhappy at home everyday and not growing the right way, then these tips might just help fix the every day blues.

1. Define the word balance to yourself 

Whether you are a working mother or a working woman care of things at home, what does the word balance mean to you? The word balance is like clothes: it is not designed to fit everyone perfectly. Write down your priorities and think about how to spend time outside work as well. Chalk out your life outside and work, this will give your life the much needed clarity. Before you jump full throttle into two worlds at the same time, define what balance means to you and set the guidelines to your happiness.

2. Seek the balance 

Let your colleagues and bosses know how serious you are about maintaining a strong work life balance. One of the major mistakes I made at the beginning of my career was to make it known that I am available all the time. I would reply to mails constantly and always stay on top of things. Not only does this ensure an early burn out, it makes your life at home miserable, to say the least. My work life balance is gone for a toss, obviously. However, if you still have the chance, then yourself now! Set a timer on your email app and make sure you do not respond as soon as you get an email. P.S., this really does help keep yourself sane.

3. Let your aspirations be known 

Define both your family and career aspirations. Reflect and revisit them often. Communicate your aspirations to your organization or network, as well as your family. On a side note, if you really do want to take a break from work, make sure you understand the repercussions of how going back to work will be like.

We live in a male dominated world. There is no denying that Achilles Heel. As a woman of this generation, we want everything. We want to be at the top of the corporate ladder and be the best version of ourselves on the home front as well. If you think we missed out one any aspects which might help, then comment and let us know!

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How Online Marketing Can Be Used To Promote Your Business

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How Online Marketing To Promote Your Business,Startup Stories,Startup News India,Latest Business Updates 2018,Online Marketing Tips,How to Promote Your Business,How to Grow Your Business,Define Your Target Audience,3 Ways To Promote Your Business

First, you need an idea, then you define a target demographic and finally, you make sure your product is of selling value! Once you have all your formative ducks in a row, its time to think of a marketing strategy. In a world that is leaning towards the digital side of life, there is so much one can do to grow a new business. If you are still wondering about how to grow your business the digital way, then these strategies might just help you!

1. Social media 

In this digital world, social media just cannot be ignored. This is where all the “magic” is happening. A rule of thumb to follow for social media is to be authentic and true to you as well as to your brand. Your audience can smell pretense a mile away and the moment they detect signs of false promises, your brand is negatively affected. To create a direct contact with your audience, make sure you reply to messages as often as possible. By doing this, you are building a loyal audience for yourself and letting people know that you are open to feedback! Social media is tricky and done right, it can help your business grow in leaps and bounds!

2. Leverage influencers 

Influencers are the new flavour in the field of online marketing. If you are looking at a way to increase the online presence of your brand without taking years to build your audience, then influencers are the way to go! Find the right influencer in your niche so that you target the right audience. It is not just about spreading your message. It is about spreading your message to the right consumer base. If you can do this properly, then you can reach a sizable audience for not much money invested when you think about the potential profit it can return.

3. Be different 

“Be you. Everyone is already taken.” How many times have you heard this and why does it ring so true? Simple answer? It is! Everyone is already taken, why do you want to sing the same old tune over and over again? With social media being social media, there us the chance of being different by being you. Be original and quirky and uniquely represent your business through advertising and marketing. Show everyone not only why your business is awesome, but why it is head-and-shoulders above everyone else.

The world is constantly growing and with change, comes innovation and creation. No matter what marketing strategy you use, if you do not have an effective sales funnel and optimize your conversions, you will just be throwing money away.

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Women Entrepreneurs Who Rule With Their Crew

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For generations, male dominance has overpowered every aspect of life. However, women have been working together and fighting the system. While movements like #MeToo and the Women’s March have been helping in empowering women, there is still a gap when it comes to female entrepreneurs. Women in lead roles are a rare phenomenon but when it does happen, everyone stands up to take notice. To stay sane in a forever competitive world, these five friendships are extremely crucial.

1. The Been There Done That One 

When you are starting out as an entrepreneur, it is important to have a mentor by your side. When that mentor comes in the form of a close friend, it makes things all the more exciting! Since women face unique challenges in business, it is critical to have this experienced entrepreneur on your side to guide the way forward.

2. The Industrious One 

There are friends who talk business and those who avoid the subject entirely. When starting out, it is important to have that one friend who knows the in and outs of the business world. Not only can you geek out together, you can also stay up to date with everything in the world of business and commerce! An added bonus? This friend can keep you sane through the tough times, especially when it seems like no one else understands what you are going through!

3. The One Who Everyone Knows 

There is always that one friend who seems to know everyone or who is known by everyone. This particular social butterfly will help you expand your circle in ways you did not know was possible. A friend like this is important for every female entrepreneur to have, giving you the opportunity to grow and expand your business like never before!

When growing, it is important to surround yourself with people who have your interest at heart. Identify the females you need to add to your circle. Then start building those relationships one brunch at a time!

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