1. Set a Strategy for content with a Target Point
How To Implement?
a) Write a blog that can engage your target audience and educate them
b) Use Primary social networking sites to share the content.

2. Start Webinars
This is the best way to create and sustain the relationship between the speaker and the audience.
How To Implement?
a) Choose the topic you can confidently deliver information about and give a simple introduction and clear information. Then, as a closing part of your presentation give the audience a brief on the next topic you would present.

3. Monitor Your Internal Operations
The business strategy that stretches even after marketing and sales can push your business to heights and can lead to increase in revenue.
a) Make only those moves which are needed to get the targeted outcome.
b) Don’t let employees stick to outdated procedures
c) Employees are to carry on in an uninterrupted flow with confidence in the procedures being followed.
d) Systems are to be monitored on their working status.
e) A proper plan to be implemented for proper workflow so that the clients or the customers are not on the wait.
How To Implement:
Get an external person to inspect and monitor as the internal employees would have absorbed the work system and may not be able to visualize the overview. Suggestions and advice from the External can support growth.

4. Build a Product to Persuade A Buyer For Additional Purchase
This not only can increase revenue but also can stand to sustain the relationship with customers. The customer would buy only if they need. That their needs may be satisfied.
How To Implement:
a) Make an Improvised plan with extra features for buyer’s additional purchase
b) Provide additional services

5. Make Commission equals to Sales
You may make it 100% commission if your general sales are not going great. If your customers are loyal for quite some time, you need not stress on the sales team.
How To Implement:
Make the commission percentage to 100% and reveal why you have opted this way.
You can achieve success in the year 2017. Monitor the core of your business and also on the customer base to generate increased revenue and for business growth.


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