A Startup company needs effective open source projects and productive tools to grow fast. With improvising technology and latest sources, there are ample tools available to make your Startup more productive.

Here are some tools to make your job easy:

1) Slack

  • The tag says it all “Whatever work means for you, Slack brings all the pieces and people together so you can actually get your things done.”
  • Yes, this is a one click channel, where you can organize your team conversations in open channels.
  • Send messages to an individual or a group of people for more focused conversation.
  • Take a conversation from face to face typing by starting a video call on any channel.
  • Not just messages, all your documents, files, images can be stored in Slack and can be shared with multiple people.
  • You get all the notifications directly within the Slack. On the whole, one can avoid constant switching between the apps.

2) Canva


  • All one needs to do is to just upload the photos in Canva and look how they turn into magnificent ones. Well, this app does it all. In simple words, one can create album covers, book covers, business cards, magazine covers, presentations, posters and much more.
  • Templates of certificates, banners letterheads can also be done with help of Canva
  • This is a type of photo editor where one can make amazing designs through this app.

3) Survey Monkey

  • This is a tool where one can survey their target market. Every Startup company will be eager to know how customers feel about their product. Survey Monkey gets that job done for you.
  • This tool designs, creates, collects and analyses surveys.
  • This is a library of your company’s survey templates, logos, documents and more. There are many custom themes which match your company or brand.
    One can fast track the survey projects.

4) Trello

  • One can collaborate their project work from the beginning to the end.
  • One can organize and prioritize their projects in a fun, flexible and a rewarding way.
  • You can dive into the details by adding comments, attachments and more directly to the Trello cards.

5) Wave

  • The more successful a startup is, the more distractions they have to face. Tracking expenses, managing employees, chasing payments and taxes might be one of them. At each step, Wave makes it easy for you.
  • Wave creates and sends out an unlimited number of invoices and also manages cash flow.

6) Hootsuite

  • You can manage all your social media marketing in one place. This is possible as Hootsuite does all your marketing from a single dashboard.
  • You get tools here to manage all social media profiles.
  • You can also find and schedule effective social content.
  • With Hootsuite, an entrepreneur can connect with customers faster, safer and smarter.

7) PowToon

  • With this PowToon tool, everyone can animate. One can create animated videos and presentations.
  • When an idea bubbles up in your mind, do not waste your time hiring a professional animator. Do it yourselves with PowToon.
  • All you need to do is write a script, add visuals, add images, add music and your presentation is done.

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