One of the key roles of being an entrepreneur is selling your product to stakeholders, investors and consumers. It’s never easy to build that perfect sales pitch mostly because every investor or potential customer closely guard their capital and only part with them if they are completely satisfied. How do you convince those skeptical clients to believe in your product as you do? We’ve compiled a list of helpful elements that can be used to make the perfect pitch.

1. Clear, Concise and Complete
These three C’s form the basic skeleton of your pitch. The perfect pitch needs to be clear, leaving no room for ambiguity. It should be concise, giving all the important details without beating around the bush and it should be complete. A perfect pitch will hold all the information from the start date of the project to the financial aspects and will also include back up plans in case of emergencies.

2. Offer the right value
Making a pitch is not just tossing random bits information at the consumer. It also involves marketing your product for the right price. To properly market your product it is important to conduct research on your target audience, understand your consumers and investigate your investors. This will allow you to properly price your product without undervaluing or over valuing your service. Proper research will also help you remove unnecessary information or noise from your pitch making it engaging.

3. Call to Action
Any good pitch will fall flat if it does not include an immediate call to action. The whole objective of the pitch is to get consumers and investors to buy or invest in your product. Unless there is a strong call to action, no amount of information will help you sell your service or raise funds. Simple sentences that make the audience want to buy your product is a strong call to action.

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4. Guarantee
Every person looks for a guarantee when parting with hard earned money. Provide that guarantee to your investors and consumers that your startup, your product or your service is the best at the projected value. Your guarantee provides a sense of security to the consumers and removes any doubt or risk from the deal. Even Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and eBay provide a 30 days exchange or refund guarantee.

5. Referrals
 “Refer us to your friends to get a 50% discount,” is probably the best promotion offer that any company can use. Not only does it bring in your first consumer, it will also bring in their friends because who can refuse a 50% off. While ending your pitch make it a point to ask your consumers to refer you to other people who might be in need of a similar service. Make it a point to repeat why they should refer you and what they might get out of it. Out of all the forms of advertisements, word of mouth carries a lot of weight as people tend to trust a company more when some one close to them, an acquaintance,  recommends them.

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