A Startup is a budding entrepreneur venture coming up with an innovative solution– an idea to solve a business need. Today’s business giants like Google, Facebook, Flipkart and even Amazon were all small startups at one time. The whole world is running around entrepreneurship and leadership, but Indians are still stuck in getting a job at MNCs. The mindset of Indian society is their son or daughter, should study only study and then study some more without wavering, then get a job after graduation. Thinking about starting a business, a risky first-time venture is usually frowned about. Joining a family business, on the other hand, may be an exception. Being an entrepreneur is a damn sure tough job and to speak about the risk of losing everything invested is indeed a daunting thought. That’s the main reason most of us become job seekers rather than job creators.

Here are some reasons why you should be an entrepreneur:

1) Freedom

Suppose you are working for a company, it may give you an attractive salary but can’t give the freedom and job satisfaction. But while working on your own business venture, you can work whenever wherever and however you would like. The decision by you decides the future of the company. When you are the boss, there are no superior-subordinate issues, you can set your own timings and schedules, you control your own destiny.

2) Income

The salary you earn depends on your own talents and efforts. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t guarantee a regular paycheck, if the company’s performance goes down it will also lower or delay your income. However, when you have a successful formula and a proven path for profits, it is all you own. There will be no fixed limit for your salary, it is directly related to your work.

3) Become business leader

You will be the decision maker and the think tank for your business. You are responsible for guiding your fellow employees, to empower and to motivate them. The lives of your employees depend on your business decisions. Along with that, a successful business has cachet in the community– a special image is created in the society.


4) Your Future

Your future is in your own hands. It depends solely on your thoughts and actions.

Initiating a business venture is a task riddled with risk. So, only the strong survive, one needs a strong determination, dedication and resolve to become a successful entrepreneur. But the rewards far outweigh the risks.

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