One cannot become a great leader overnight. It can be achieved through sheer commitment, discipline, hard work, and improvement through experience.
Managing your own work and at the same time managing your team may be quite a difficult task to deal with.

Mark these following qualities in you to check whether you end up being a great leader or not!

1) Be confident enough

According to Hellen Keller, confidence is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without confidence and hope. One should be self-confident enough to think that they can achieve great heights. A leader instills confidence by having a clear vision, showing empathy and being a strong coach.

2) Be a good listener

Listen to your team. Always make it a point to listen to your team even if you don’t like it.
And talk less because sometimes saying nothing will be always good than saying just anything.

3) Be passionate and consistent

It is just passion which brought you here in your favorite business. If you are not passionate, then you are in the wrong business. Be consistent too. This will help your teammates what to expect from you.

4) Know your limits and interfere when needed

Do not extend yourselves beyond the limits. And if you trust your team and your teammates to do good work, do not interfere them until and unless your interference is needed.

5) Patience is all that you need sometimes

Hold back your reactions until you have a moment to clarify yourselves. Temper your reactions and thoughts. Never trust your instincts exclusively. Your instinct might go wrong sometimes.

6) Being humble works actually

Don’t get big headed about your wealth, power, and position as a leader. Forgive mistakes if it is a small one and take some time to have fun with your team. Make decisions logically.

7) Know your team

Choose your teammates carefully. Know your team, learn about your employees. Ask about their family members or any activity which they enjoy. Your team is everything. Give them whatever they need to succeed. Ask them about their well being. Demonstrate that you care for them. Consider them as humans, not just another name on the company payroll.

Well, follow these simple qualities to become a leader. Try not to stress too much about being a leader. Instead, enjoy all the benefits it offers.

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